RCPCH response to refugee crisis

Commenting on the current refuges crisis in Europe, Professor Neena Modi, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said:

“David Cameron has said it is right to distinguish between economic migration and refugees and asylum seekers.  But children are children, wherever they happen to be. It is simply unacceptable to duck our moral responsibilities to protect vulnerable children by playing with words. Increasing our commitment to accept more refugees from the camps around Syria is a step in the right direction but it leaves the thousands of children and their families caught up in the ongoing process of mass displacement out of the region without the support the need and deserve.”

“The UK should make three commitments to the children of the current crisis. The first is facilitating safe passage for unaccompanied minors seeking protection in the UK. The second is the UK significantly to increase its support to organisations and agencies operating in recipient countries at the borders of Europe to ensure children’s needs and rights are upheld. The third is ensuring adequate provision of services for physical and psychological health, education, and social integration when children are given protection in the UK.”

For information on how you can support the RCPCH tackle the issue of child refugees, go to our Advocacy page.