RCPCH welcomes Academy consultant delivered care report

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which brings together 20 colleges and faculties including the RCPCH, yesterday launched its report outlining a commitment to delivering high quality care to patients seven days a week. The publication: ‘Seven Day Consultant Present Care’, recommends three key standards to ensure all patients receive high quality care led by a consultant regardless of the day of the week.

In welcoming the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ ‘Seven Day Consultant Present Care’ publication, Dr Carol Ewing, Workforce Officer at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said:

'Consultant Delivered Care – face-to-face consultant-led care 24 hours a day – should be widely supported because of better learning on the job for junior doctors, more effective handovers and improved communication with patients and their families.

'It’s a service model that is already working well for acute paediatrics and neonates, and one that other specialities should adopt.

'Much of acute paediatric and neonatal care is working towards this model and the AoMRC’s report echos the 10 acute service standards set out in the RCPCH’s ‘Facing the Future’ document - a bold blueprint produced last year which highlights the increasing pressure put on children’s services and the minimum standards that need to be met in order to tackle them.

'In relation to Consultant Delivered Care, these standards include:

  • At least one medical handover in every 24 hours led by a paediatric consultant
  • Every child seen by a consultant within 24 hours of being admitted
  • Having a consultant present at peak times

'We should always look at ways to improve hospital services. By rolling out a model of consultant delivered care, or tailoring a variation of the model to the busiest day or time of the week for individual units, our NHS will be a much better service.'