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Professor Russell Viner takes up role as RCPCH President

15 March 2018

Professor Viner says the NHS 'must prioritise' the health of children and young people in an editorial for the British Medical Journal

New research by the RCPCH and Nuffield Trust reveals UK lagging behind peers on child health

15 March 2018

RCPCH member and lead author Dr Ronny Cheung said "this research has an unequivocal message: we must do much better for our children and young people"

Study finds obesity risk doubles for teens bombarded with junk food adverts

14 March 2018

Dr David Taylor-Robinson said findings "should provide the catalyst that Government needs to start making policy changes"

Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) calls for patients to highlight 'worst ever' four-hour emergency care performance to MPs

8 March 2018

RCPCH President Professor Neena Modi agrees with the call to action, saying many of the patients affected are children

Diabetes UK launch Food Upfront campaign

7 March 2018

RCPCH's Prof Russell Viner gives his support to the campaign

Plans to cut excess calorie consumption unveiled

6 March 2018

RCPCH responds to new report from PHE

Blog: RCPCH Child Protection - change and progression

1 March 2018

Dr Geoff Debelle, Officer for Child Protection, reflects on his four years in post as he prepares his handover to Dr Alison Steele

Services for Northern Ireland’s smallest and sickest babies under pressure

27 February 2018

"Until units are properly supported, the risk of adverse outcomes remains all too real," says RCPCH Officer for Ireland