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Child Poverty (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Government

9 November 2017

Prof Steve Turner says "target-driven measures are a very welcome step" towards tackling child poverty, but should be considered an absolute minimum

Largest ever maternity audit publishes report to help NHS services deliver improvements for women and babies

9 November 2017

Prof Anne Greenough says it’s “critical" services work together to ensure that all children get the best start in life

Blog: Shining the spotlight on child health - RCPCH at the political party conferences

27 October 2017

Read our blog on 2017 autumn political party conference season in Brighton and Manchester.

Sharp rise in children admitted to intensive care in England and Wales since 2009

27 October 2017

Dr Peter-Marc Fortune says latest research “highlights the growing pressure paediatric intensive care is under”

Scottish Government launches consultation document on plans for Scotland's new diet and obesity strategy

26 October 2017

Prof Steve Turner says proposed action on price promotions and junk food advertising would "go a long way to tackling Scotland's obesity epidemic"

NHS Digital figures show an increase in obesity prevalence in primary school children

19 October 2017

Data from the National Child Measurement Programme shows obesity has risen for the second successive year for children in reception

Key Data on Young People 2017 published today by the Association for Young People's Health

16 October 2017

Prof Russell Viner says it provides "further grim, yet wholly familiar, reading for anyone working in the field of children and young people’s health"

Obesity Health Alliance analysis reveals soaring costs of obesity as junk food companies pour millions into advertising

10 October 2017

Spending on junk food advertising far outweighs the amount Government is able to spend on healthy eating campaigns, creating an unbalanced environment

Care Quality Commission report warns the future quality of the health system is at risk as it struggles to cope with demand

10 October 2017

RCPCH President Prof Neena Modi says the situation will not improve without political commitment to a properly resourced and managed health service

RCPCH welcomes Welsh Government’s move to support pupils with medical conditions

9 October 2017

Dr Justin Warner called the commitment to a statutory framework for schools a "very welcome step forward for children"