Schools and nurseries helping youngsters improve dental care in Scotland

The Scotsman reports that nurseries and primary schools will carry out supervised daily tooth-brushing, and oral hygiene advice, as part of the Childsmile programme – which has just received backing from Scottish Health Secretary Shona Robison. The push for better oral health follows concerns over tooth decay over in children living in the more deprived areas of Scotland. 

Figures from the National Dental Inspection Programme in 2015 showed a 21 point different between levels of tooth decay in children in the least and most deprived communities. In addition, despite a general increase in dental health among Scottish children, some as young as two have waited up to six months to have decaying teeth extracted.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “The Childsmile programme, with its emphasis on prevention rather than treatment, has resulted in significant improvements in children’s oral health across Scotland. Our aim is that every child has access to Childsmile. 

Reducing inequalities in health is critical to achieving the Scottish Government’s aim of making Scotland a better, healthier place for everyone, no matter where they live – and the expansion of Childsmile, through our Fairer Scotland Action Plan, provides a good illustration of this in practice.”

The full story can be read on The Scotsman website