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Recent RCPCH publications

Report covers of RCPCH publications

Turning the Tide: five years on - we explore developments to the UK's research landscape identify and areas where more needs to be done

Facing the Future: ongoing health needs - new standards focus on ensuring promt and correct diagnosis, improving long term care and management of children

State of Child Health: one year on - our scorecards report on progress since our January 2017 report, which brought together data on 25 measures of the health of UK children, including specific conditions and risk factors for poor health

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Journal & Newsletter

Covers of RCPCH annual review, Focus newsletter and Archives of Disease in Childhood

Focus newsletter - winter 2017

Archives of Disease in Childhood - the College's scientific journal

Annual review 2017 - reflects the financial year, 1 Sep 2014 - 31 Aug 2015