Apply for RCPCH endorsement or support of a publication

How to apply for RCPCH endorsement or support of your digital or print publication. 


Publications are reviewed by a panel of experts; this process normally takes no longer than six weeks. 

Where a publication relates directly to the participation of children and young people, patients or carers, it is also reviewed by the Participation & Advocacy Team (more about the &Us programme).

Endorsement or support is offered for one year. Organisations are asked to inform us of any significant changes to the publication before the end of the one year period.

More about what endorsement or support offers

How to seek endorsement or support

Please email with:

  • an explanation of the nature of the publication
  • an electronic copy of the publication
  • other information that demonstrates fulfilment of the below criteria


  • Is the publication on a topic that relates to an RCPCH priority?
  • Is it aimed at healthcare professionals working in the field of paediatrics and/or child health?
  • What does it aim to achieve? Is that in line with the RCPCH’s position on the topic?
  • Who is developing it? Who else is involved in developing it?
  • Has it been developed with input from an RCPCH officer/member or other recognised expert(s) relevant to paediatrics and child health?
  • Has the College endorsed or supported any similar publications? If so, is this additional publication adding to the existing publication?


The following fees are based on a 100 page document that is endorsed for one year.

Organiser type Cost
Non-commercial organisation with no income £750
Non-commercial organisation with income stream £1,300
Commercial organisation 2,000