Child Protection Companion - about

The Companion is your handbook on all forms of child abuse. It covers child protection processes across the whole range of medical and social interactions: from examination, to identification, to referral, to court.

With content across 20 chapters, the Companion describes the essential context and the pathway of child protection cases, beginning with the medical assessment, a discrete chapter on each form of maltreatment, and continuing through to court and training. It comprises latest evidence as of its publication in 2013, including research, guidance, publications and standards. Appendices include a medical proforma to download and use locally.

We are working to update each chapter based on the latest good practice guidance, policy documents and systematic review evidence.

How to access

As of 1 June 2020, the Companion is hosted on our Child Protection Portal. This microsite has resources to inform clinical practice, child protection procedures and professional and expert opinion in the legal system.

Most RCPCH members have full access to the Portal - including the Companion - with their membership, and can log in with their RCPCH number and password. We also offer licensing options for teams and organisations. Find out how to access the Companion and other content on the Portal.

(Note that Paediatric Care Online (PCO UK), which used to host the Companion, is no longer available.)


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