Child Protection Standing Committee updates

Below are summary updates from this committee, which is responsible for championing the safeguarding agenda for children and young people and meets three times a year.

March 2020


  • To provide support for clinicians in their clinical and safeguarding work RCPCH is publishing regularly updated COVID-19 information and guidance including guidance for paediatric services which includes safeguarding, looked after children and vulnerable children processes across the 4 nations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recent and upcoming publications

  • The RCPCH State of Child Health Report was launched on the 4th March. This landmark report includes indicators on children in the child protection system, looked after children, young carers and youth violence.
  • Healthcare access for children and families on the move and migrants. The BMJ has published an article analysing the impact of the NHS charging regulations on migrant children’s health and wellbeing as a result of delays or denials of healthcare.

  • An article to be published in the upcoming Milestones magazine, will be discussing the indirect harms of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable children, including reduced opportunities for early recognition and response to child abuse. This will be available to read online in May 2020


For a more detailed summary including updates from the busy committee workplan, a preview of upcoming publications, and links to all the latest resources download the full March 2020 update below.

October 2019

The summary update for October 2019 can be downloaded below.

June 2019

The summary update for June 2019 can be downloaded below.

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