Children and young people tell us how you make a difference everyday - #ChoosePaediatrics

Are you a trainee, SAS doctor or consultant paediatrician working in the NHS? Our young volunteers with RCPCH &Us have a message for you... They love working with you, and want you to carry on being the best paediatrician you can be for years to come. You're lifesavers!
Bog thanks! for everything you have done for us - from RCPCH &Us

Dear RCPCH members...

You’ve done a great job to get to this point and you will be helping lots of children. Thank you for your work and the work you will do. 


I loved it when my doctor was telling jokes and dancing, it made me laugh and not feel so worried. 


You’ve done incredible to get to this point. We are very honoured to be working with you. We hope you can understand our vibe. 


We think you are the bravest because you have to deal with children’s blood and then not react (I still have that t-shirt with all the blood on it!!) 


On the recent 70th anniversary of the NHS, children and young people told us how the NHS and you are amazing...

RCPCH &Us is a dynamic group of over 1,000 children, young people and families who get involved in College projects and activities each year.  We provide information, advice and guidance on how to involve your patients in helping to shape your services. To find out more, email us on, check out our free resources and see where we are in the country by following us on Twitter @RCPCH_and_Us.

You can see the College's resources about how to survive and thrive as a paediatrician or follow #ChoosePaediatrics on Twitter.