CPD online diary web app - frequently asked questions

For online CPD diary users of the web app version, frequently asked questions are available to help with your queries.
Last modified
22 February 2019

What are the benefits of using the web app?

The Web App will be your access to your CPD diary on the go. It is intended to complement and be used in conjunction with the current desktop version of the CPD Diary.

It gives you a just-in-time way to add and edit CPD activities.

Which functions are available?

  • Add new Activity
  • Edit existing Activities and Reflective Notes
  • View and subscribe to RCPCH Approved activities
  • View CPD Summary certificate
  • View Revalidation domains report
  • Emergency save

Which functions are not available?

  • View and add activities in the “Diary” view
  • Add and edit Personal Development Plans
  • Add new Reflective Notes
  • Set activity and reflection reminders
  • Create recurring activities

What is “Offline Mode”?

Once you have added the web app to your home screen, you can use it even if you do not have cellular or Wi-Fi connection, as long as you do not log out of your CPD diary account.

This will allow you to use functions of the web app, such as adding activities, while offline. These will sync and upload at a later time when a Wi-Fi connection is re-established.

If you log out of your CPD web app, you cannot use the offline mode.

How do I use Offline Mode?

Once you have added the Web App to your home screen, you can use the app in the normal way.

Be sure to save any entries that you have made before navigating away from the Web App. Then, re-open the Web App once you have re-established a cellular or Wi-Fi connection - this make sure you can sync the data added when offline.

You will not be able to use the offline mode if you log out of your Web App.

Will I lose all my data if I’m not set up for offline mode and my device crashes while typing into an activity?

An emergency save function is built into the web app (and desktop) which retains a copy of your typed information even if you haven’t manually saved it and your device crashes or you lose Wi-Fi connection.

The activity saves as Incomplete on your local device until you go back into it to manually save it. Until manually saved, the activity cannot synch across to your desktop site.

If you are writing an extensive entry, we still recommend that you periodically save this, and then re-open to continue writing.

How do I find RCPCH Approved activities?

You can find a list of approved activities under the “More” option.

Can I attach resources?

This depends on the device that you are using. If you are using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you will only be able to attach photo files, such as posters or programmes that you have taken pictures of and that appear in the camera roll.

If you are using an Android device, you can do the above, but can also save documents such as PDFs directly to the phone. These documents can then be uploaded to an Activity as a resource.

If your device does not allow this and you use a cloud system such as Dropbox or One Drive and have documents uploaded, you can alternatively paste the URL for the document in the references section when you create a new resource and then link this resource to an Activity.

Refer to the instructions available for your cloud service in relation to creating a URL for saved documents.

I was using the web app whilst my device was offline and I added and reflected on some activities but the Summary screen did not update – why is this?

This is expected behaviour – the Summary screen links up with your information in the full version of the CPD Online Diary.

It can only update when there is a Wi-Fi signal for your device to allow the new activities to synch to your Diary and update your Summary screen in the full version, thereby updating the web app summary screen.

I selected the 'Mobile/Tablet' option from my device but I then got a blank screen – what should I do?

Please check that your device is not set to the ‘private browsing’ mode. Deselect the private or incognito option in your browser and repeat the steps to set-up.

See our web app guidance for iOS or Android for how to do this

I tried going to the full (‘desktop’) version of the CPD Online Diary from the web app and received an error message that my windows limit had been reached. What should I do?

Some mobile devices have tab limits which vary between operating systems. If you get this error message please close some of your open windows/tabs and try again.

I tried to download my certificate/revalidation domains summary from the More page but got an error message that the file could not be opened.

In order to view your certificate/revalidation domain summary you may need to install a program (such as Adobe) which allows your device to open PDFs.

I’ve deleted an activity by accident. How do I recover them?

Unfortunately you can’t. When you delete an activity, you receive a prompt asking you to confirm if you are sure you want to delete the record, before you delete the record altogether. But once you have chosen to delete it, there's no way of recovering it on the app or via the main CPD diary.

Information I added to the web app has not saved or synched across. Why?

A bug in the web app caused by a September 2015 Apple iOS upgrade resulted in Apple device web app users adding activities to the web app which appeared to save, but did not appear in the Activities list. The bug was fixed in October 2015. From then until January 2016, we notified users and told them to delete the affected home screen icon to resolve this. Some users were still unaware of the issue and so have lost data. As information does not save, there is no way for the College to retrieve the data.

Remember to check your records have saved. On the web app, check the informatiohas saved in the Activities tab. On the desktop version, check the information has synched across - go to the More tab, select Synchronise now, and access Full version CPD Diary.