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Our Diploma of Child Health Clinical exam is now being delivered online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This page has the guidance you need to prepare for this adapted exam, including recordings of our webinars, frequently asked questions and candidate resources.
Last modified
13 January 2022


The DCH Clinical examination component of the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) has undergone some changes since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. To ensure it could be run safely, the changes include a move to online, or remote, delivery.

The first remote delivered DCH Clinical took place in October 2020. We are continung to deliver DCH Clinical through our online assessment platform throughout 2022. There will be with further review on the development of the platform and future format of DCH Clinical this year.

Over this period we'll monitor performance outcomes and participant feedback. If you're a candidate, please complete any candidate feedback surveys after your DCH Clinical. Or you can email us at any time on exams@rcpch.ac.uk.

We'll post further updates about DCH Clinical examination related matters on this page.

Understanding the adapted exam

Historically, the DCH Clinical (face-to-face delivery) involved real patients. These included the Clinical Assessment or Short Clinical station and the Development station. Clearly, it is not possible to undertake a fully authentic physical examination or developmental assessment of a child when an exam is delivered remotely / online.

The DCH Board and Examinations team have worked to develop scenarios aimed at assessing these skills in different ways. Candidates are now expected to verbalise their approach to an physical examination or assessment of a patient rather than undertake this with a patient present.

This approach presents new challenges to the candidate which will require practice with a colleague in order to demonstrate to examiners that their approach to the patient is accurate, well structured and taking into consideration the needs of the patient.


We will be posting links to all relevant webinars for candidates preparing for the DCH Clinical online examination here in the future. The webinar included below is a recording of the DCH Clinical exam remote delivery candidate briefing delivered in October 2020.