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We run short, free and accessible educational updates for health professionals on topics ranging from clinical conditions to service design. The following list of webinars is presented with the most recent recording first.

RCPCH Webinar: Mental health leadership - Recorded March 2022. Available until March 2023.
Dr Karen Street, Dr Emma Blake and Dr James Dearden discuss the role that paediatricians can play in supporting children and young people’s mental health. Watch and learn more about mental health leadership in paediatrics.

RCPCH and Genomics England webinar: Whole genome sequencing for newborns - Recorded March 2022. Available until March 2023.
Dr Camilla Kingdon, Dr Richard Scott, Simon Wilde, Dr David Elliman, Dr Ngozi Edi-Osagie, Arzoo Ahmed, Mathilde Leblond, Amanda Pichini, David Bick and Alice Tuff-Lacey have a discussion to understand more about a Newborn Genomes Programme, questions from a panel of paediatricians and attendees.

RCPCH and RPS joint College webinar: The why and how of pill swallowing - Recorded January 2022. Available until January 2023. 
Stephen Tomlin, Dr David Terry, Dr Emma Lim and Dr Alice McCloskey present information and practical guidance for medicines optimisation and safety benefits surrounding pill swallowing and teaching children, young people and adults with pill aversion how to swallow pills.

RCPCH Webinar: Childhood Obesity: Surgical Management - Recorded September 2021. Available until September 2022.
Mr Ashish Desai, joined by Dr Simon Chapman, presents information and guidance for the surgical management of obesity in children.

RCPCH Webinar: Childhood Obesity: Medical Management - Recorded September 2021. Available until September 2022.
Dr Simon Chapman, joined by Mr Ashish Desai, presents practical information and guidance for the medical management of obesity in children.

RCPCH-BPSU Webinar: Lead Toxicity in Children - a continuing problem - Recorded September 2021. Available until September 2022. Professor Alan Emond, Dr Helen Crabbe, Dr Araceli Busby and Professor Sally Bradberry present updated guidance for recognising and treating lead toxicity in children.

RCPCH-BPSU Webinar: Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Young People - Recorded June 2021. Available until June 2022. Professor Professor Julian Hamilton-Shield and Professor Tim Barrett present practical information and guidance for managing type 2 diabetes in children.

RCPCH-BPSU Webinar series: Behcet's Syndrome in children and young people - Recorded May 2021. Available until May 2022
Dr Clare Pain, Dr Daniel Finn, Professor Robert Moots and Professor Paul Brogan present the findings of the 2017 BPSU surveillance study and discuss how UK children are affected by Behçet’s syndrome, differential diagnoses and investigations of Behcet’s-like presentations, management of  Behçet’s syndrome, and the role of genetic testing and monogenic mimics.

Putting Children’s Oral Health on Everyone’s Agenda - Recorded April 2021. Available until April 2022
Miss Urshla Devalia and Miss Armaana Ahmed discuss the issue of dental decay (caries) at a population and patient level, present key messages for delivering better oral health raise awareness of professional interventions being carried out throughout the UK.

Remote consultations: opportunities and risks for paediatrics - Recorded August 2020. Available until August 2021
Dr Gavin Cleary and faculty explore remote consultations in paediatrics, with a particular focus on the practicalities of delivering remote consultation clinics, the patient perspective, the role of the educational supervisor and future research priorities.

The epilepsies of childhood - Recorded February 2020. Available until February 2022
Dr Richard Appleton provides an update on his original 2018 webinar, giving an overview of the epilepsies of childhood, covering key elements of the RCPCH Progressing Paediatrics: Childhood epilepsies course, including taster topics on NICE clinical guidelines and quality standards on childhood epilepsies, advances in treatment of epilepsies and the epilepsy passport

RCPCH-BPSU series: CATCh-uS before we fall -Transitional care for young adults with ADHD - Recorded 31 January 2020. Available until January 2022
Tamsin Ford, Tamsin Newlove-Delgado and Astrid Janssenss present the results of the first in-depth study of the transition of ADHD patients from child to adult health services in the UK.

Putting children’s oral health on everyone’s agenda - Recorded 16 October 2019.
Dr Elizabeth O'Sullivan and Mrs Lucy Brown help you understand the relevance of oral health to general health, the key messages for prevention of dental disease and the key professional interventions in the UK.

Returning to paediatric training series: personal stories interviews - Recorded April 2019. 
Dr Helen Goodyear, Head of School in the West Midlands, interviews Dr Rebecca Martin and Dr Karen Manias on their experiences of returning to paediatric training after an OOP (out of programme) time for research and maternity leave. The College would like to thank HEE for its financial support in relation to this webinar.

PCO UK webinar series: understanding urinary tract infection (UTIs) in infants, children and young people - Recorded on 24 July 2019.
Dr Arindam Das and Dr Job Cyriac provide a basic overview and background to UTIs in infants, children and young people, and drill down to specific topics such as dysuria and enuresis, two of the key practice points in Paediatric Care Online.

How can paediatricians help parents who are struggling with a child’s behaviour? - Recorded 11 June 2019.
Dr Max Davie presents a guide to approaching presentations with behavioural problems - an increasingly large part of paediatric work often, but not exclusively in the community - detecting underlying factors, engaging families in solutions and planning for better behaviour.

RCPCH-BPSU series: Time to 'think Kawasaki Disease' - Recorded 10 April 2019. Reviewed and available until November 2022.
Professor Robert Tulloh and Professor Paul Brogan provide a comprehensive update on Kawasaki Disease, highlight how out-dated information is hampering best practice for affected children and present recent research findings (UK and Ireland) on incidence, including revealing data on lifetime heart damage.

Screen time: what is the evidence and what should we be advising? - Recorded on 12 March 2019. Reviewed February 2020.
Dr Max Davie discusses the multiple ways in which research has been misunderstood and points out both what we know and also what we don’t know about the effect of screens.

Immunisation is everyone's business - Recorded 7 March 2019.
Professor Helen Bedford and Dr David Elliman discuss recent and ongoing issues in the field of immunisation, suggesting how to address parents’ concerns and the important role paediatricians can play.

Health promotion: what's a paediatrician to do? - Recorded 12 February 2019. Reviewed February 2021.
Dr Lizzie Wortley and Dr Max Davie introduce the health promotion component of the RCPCH Progress curriculum, review opportunities for health promotion learning and point out some resources for further reading.

Transition: ensuring high quality care for young people aged 14-25 years Recorded 28 September 2018. Reviewed September 2020
A panel discusses how to plan and implement services for young people to ensure a seamless transition of care between paediatric and adult services.

Returning to paediatric training series: supporting a returning trainee - a guide for educational and clinical supervisors - Updated January 2020. Reviewed March 2021 and available until March 2022.
Dr Trisha Radia and Dr Sarita Depani provide guidance for educational and clinical supervisors on how to support trainees planning for and returning from a career break, with essential information about what documentation should be completed prior to and on returning from a prolonged absence from clinical work and what support is available. The College would like to thank HEE for its financial support in relation to this webinar.

Sleep terror: why paediatricians can't ignore fatigue - Recorded 6 September 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Mike Farquhar and Dr Cherry Alviani highlights the importance of reducing fatigue and optimising sleep for healthcare shift-workers, building on their work including Dr Alviani's plenary at RCPCH Conference and exhibition 2018.

Upskilling primary care colleagues: the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) pathway - Recorded 13 July 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Venugopalan and Dr Bandaranayake highlight the value of the DCH examination preparation course run by RCPCH, to support child health in primary care; which is aimed primarily at GPs but also secondary care clinicians who work with children and young people.

A breath of fresh air: supporting parents and carers to protect their children from exposure to secondhand smoke - Recorded 6 July 2018. Reviewed March 2021 and available until March 2022.
Dr Laura Jones and Dr Nigel Baxter highlight the key evidence on smoking/secondhand smoke exposure and vaping/secondhand vapour exposure, how supporting families to change their home smoking behaviours can improve child health outcomes and lead to parents/carers quitting, and how to deliver effective, brief advice to support parents/carers to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke.

Facing the Future Together for Child Health: translating standards into clinical practice - Recorded 8 June 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Omowunmi Akindolie focuses on these standards, which had been audited in 2017, using a real-life service as an example of how standards can be brought to fruition in clinical practice.

How to set up and deliver a successful mentoring programme for paediatricians - Recorded 05 June 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Carrie Mackenzie and Dr Renu Khetan provide guidance and top tips on how to set up and deliver a successful mentoring programme for paediatricians, with in depth case studies.

Stroke in Childhood guidelines: key messages and recommendations - Recorded 21 May 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Vijeya Ganesan highlights the key messages and recommendations from the guidelines, plus new diagnostic and interventional pathways.

Facing the Future: Paediatric Standards - Recorded 10 May 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr David Shortland introduces this suite of service standards in an easy to digest way, discusses audit findings of two of the standards, highlights best practice examples from each standard and provides a call to action to go away and implement them in practice.

Enhancing our wellbeing and resilience - Recorded 26 March 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Bov Jani highlights the importance of understanding our own wellbeing and resilience. The College would like to thank HEE for its financial support in relation to this webinar.

Returning to paediatric training series: essentials to ensure a successful return to work following a break from clinical practice - Recorded 23 March 2018. Reviewed January 2021 and available until January 2022.
Dr Trisha Radia and Dr Sarita Depani provide top tips to trainees who are on/are about to go on a clinical career break due to, for example, maternity, paternity or carer leave, OOPE, OOPR (out of programme education / research) or health reasons. The College would like to thank HEE for its financial support in relation to this webinar.

SNOMED CT and the quality improvement agenda - Recorded 23 March 2018. Reviewed March 2020
Dr Andy Spencer explains SNOMED CT and its role in the future of clinical coding and relationship with ICD10 and OPCS and HES data.

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