Epilepsy12 audit - submit data for 2018-2020

The current round of Epilepsy12 comprises two main data processing and reporting components - the organisational audit and the clinical audit. This page provides user guides, instructional videos and webinars in support of these two components.

Organisational audit and Trust profile

Data collection for the 2018 organisational audit component has now closed and we are delighted to report that all registered Health Boards/Trusts in England and Wales provided a complete data submission. 

The national report of the organisational audit is due to be published on 11 October 2018 and is currently undergoing the sign-off process by NHS England and the Welsh Government.

In this video, the clinical lead, Dr Colin Dunkley, introduces this phase.

'How to' videos - organisational audit

Clinical audit

An Introduction to the clinical audit phase, which summarises the aims and processes that underpin this phase of the audit, is available to view and download from the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Participating Health Boards and Trusts across England and Wales are now able to identify and register eligible patients onto the audit data platform and record details of their First Paediatric Assessment and the First Year of Care that follows that initial assessment.

EEG services play a key role in the audit as they can also register patients onto the data platform following a referral for a first EEG after a first paediatric assessment.  

In this video, Kelly St Pier, Neurophysiology Clinical Scientist and Immediate Past Chair of the Association of Neurophysiological Scientists (ANS), explains how EEG services are involved in the audit.

And, this video shows you how to register patients via EEG Services.

'How to' webinars

On 24 September 2018, we hosted the first of what we hope will be a series of live webinars designed to help clarify aspects of the audit methodology and data platform functionality.

The webinar can be viewed in full again here:

During this initial webinar the project clinical lead, Dr Colin Dunkley, and members of the project team, guided people following online through the following topics:

  • patient eligibility criteria
  • consent
  • user types and permissions
  • how to register a patient (both as an EEG user and as a Health Board/Trust user)
  • how to verify a patient as a Health Board/Trust user
  • how to add and complete the First Paediatric Assessment form
  • how to add and complete the First Year of Care form
  • how to access and use Individual Patient timeline and Care Planning Reports


The Epilepsy12 project team members are available to respond to any related queries at: epilepsy12@rcpch.ac.uk or on: 020 7092 6170/6161/6168.

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