GIRFT Medical workforce snapshot survey - instructions for neonatology

The snapshot survey is designed to be run twice - once on Wednesday 18 September, and again on Saturday 21 September. Separate spreadsheets have been sent to you for each of the survey days. We provide full instructions and the data entry sheets.

About the questionnaire

There are two spreadsheet tabs to be completed:

  1. Department summary - It is expected that this will be completed by the Clinical Lead and matron, with assistance from the unit manager/co-ordinator and the midwifery /labour ward lead. See below.
  2. Summation of individual returns  – If possible, this tab should be filled in by someone relatively independent of the neonatal medical workforce, eg a medical student, administrator or junior doctor working in a different department.  Their role will be to print out the survey forms for the doctors (including ANNP/ENNP) on Tiers 1, 2 and 3 of the rota, collect the completed forms at the end of the 24 hour period, and input the results on the spreadsheet. See below.

Department summary

The form has been designed to be as self-explanatory as possible, but a few notes are included below to assist with the completion of the form. We estimate that this should take 20 minutes to complete.

The forms can be downloaded below.

  • Trust/Health Board Name – select from the drop-down list, which is in alphabetical order. If you can’t find your Trust Name, use the ‘Trust Names’ tab on the spreadsheet to help you.
  • Hospital Name – this will be restricted to the hospitals run by your Trust/Health Board
  • Neonatal Unit Designation – select from the four options in the drop-down box
  • Name of Person Completing Survey and email address – in case we need to contact you
  • Date of survey – this should be either 18 September (weekday survey) or 21 September (weekend survey).  If there is a strong reason why you cannot complete the survey on these two days, please contact us as soon as possible.

Section A – Medical Staffing

This section aims to identify the number of doctors/ANNPs/ENNPs who are scheduled on the rota, and the number that actually worked a shift during the survey 24-hour period.

  • Time period - The time period for the survey cannot be prescribed using precise times, as it will depend on your hospital’s rota and shift pattern.  The survey should run from the time the morning shift starts and for the next 24 hours. For example, if your morning shift starts at 8am, then the survey should include everyone working on Tiers 1-3 from 08:00 until 08:00 the following morning.
    The survey form allows for an evening shift, but if you run two shifts in 24 hours, then please leave the evening shift answers blank and simply complete the Day Shift and Night Shift columns.
  • Scope - We are only capturing staff that are on the inpatient unit (including post-natal wards, transitional care and delivery suite attendance) – please exclude any outpatient or SPA work. Please include ANNP and ENNP roles if they are working in a medical type capacity even if the rota is written separately to the medical rota.
    Please only include regional transport medical staff if they are also providing neonatal inpatient care.  Include these staff as whole numbers, even if their time is split between the inpatient unit and the transport service.
  • Q1-6 – Enter the number of staff who are scheduled to be on each shift according to the rota when it is fully staffed.  Please distinguish between those that are dedicated to neonatology (including those covering neonatal transport with neonatology inpatients) and those that are covering general paediatrics as well.
  • Q7-12 – Enter the number of staff that actually worked on each shift. Please also enter the total number who worked across the 24 hours in the final column, noting that this may be less than the sum of the day, evening and night shifts if any of the tier 3 doctors work both day and night (if for any reason a tier 1 or tier 2 doctor works two shifts in the 24 hours then please ask them to fill in two forms and count them as two individuals). We have assumed that all tier 1&2 staff are working full shifts. If this is not the case please let us know as soon as possible and we will send you an amended tier 1 or tier 2 form to accommodate this.

Section B – Non-Medical Workforce

  • Q13-35 – It may be helpful for the nurse in charge on each shift to know about these questions in advance to assist with completion.
  • Q13-22 – Only tick the box if you had a member of that profession actually working in your unit during the 24-hour period of the survey.
  • Q23-35 – Similarly, only tick the box if your nursing team carried out that particular task during the 24-hour period of the survey. Do not include tasks performed by ANNPs or ENNPs if they carried out the role whilst covering Tier 1 or 2 of the medical rota.
  • Q36 – Select from the four  options available in the drop-down box – you do not need to know the number.
  • Q37 – Ignore the ‘This Evening’ box if you only have a two-shift system (day and night only).
  • Q38-46 – Provide the numbers of nurses (registered &and non-registered) and administrative staff rostered for the 24-hour period (again, ignore the column for ‘Evening Shift’ if you have a 2-shift system), along with the numbers that actually worked. Only include nursing staff that provided direct in-patient care and administrative staff working in clinical areas supporting in-patient care.  Include QIS nurses in both the Band 5 and above column, AND the QIS column.

Section C - Activity levels

  • Q47 – Your Labour Ward midwifery lead should be able to provide you with this number fairly easily but it might be advisable to warn her/him about it to ensure they are able to give you this fairly promptly.  Please note that we want the same 24-hour period that matches the survey, and to include numbers for any area that you might be asked to attend a delivery e.g. on-site MLU.
  • Q48-49 – Please only include admissions and discharges to and from the neonatal unit (NOT transitional care admissions and discharges). This information is collected in a number of ways - admission and discharge workbook, PAS system, your local EPR system, Badgernet. Please ensure the time period matches the 24-hour time period in the survey. 
  • Q50-52 – For this question, we have moved away from the survey 24-hour period and would like you to enter the activity on your unit for the 2 full days that span the 24-hour period – i.e. the full day that the survey starts and the following day.  This information is easily obtained from Badgernet – go to Unit Daily Update tab, on the top right “location type” – click NNU, in “View” – click BAPM (2011). Read the IC, HD and SC bedday totals displayed in bottom right hand corner of the page for the relevant 2 days for each 24 hour period (you do not have to work out the IC, HD and SC days for the exact 24 hour period). Please ensure someone has completed daily data entry for all babies on the days of the survey.
  • Q53-57 for Trusts in England only - For this question, we would like you to enter the HRG 2016 activity on your unit for the 2 full days that span the 24-hour period – ie the full day that the survey starts and the following day.  We would like you to include ALL bedday activity including transitional care (XA04Z) and normal care (XA05Z). In Badgernet – go to Unit Daily Update tab, on the top right “location type” – click ALL, in “View” – click HRG 2016 Value
    Read the HRG 1-5 values displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the page for the relevant 2 days, for each 24-hour period (you do not have to work out the HRG beddays for the exact 24-hour period).  Please ensure someone has completed daily data entry for all babies on the days of the survey.  If you also collect transitional care and normal care data separately, please remember to add these to the totals before submitting.

Summation of individual returns

The purpose of this element of the survey is to gather the shift details and views of each member of staff working on Tiers 1-3 during the 24 hours of the survey period. It is preferable if the person who completes the summation spreadsheet is independent of the medical rota e.g. medical student, administrative staff, junior doctor not working in neonatology currently.

The survey is carried out by printing off a copy of the questionnaire for each doctor who is to be on each shift. There is a different form for each Tier, and so please ensure that doctors are given the correct form.

The forms are included as separate PDF files in the email you received, and can be downloaded below.

Please include ANNPs and ENNPs if they are working on Tiers 1 or 2. The printed questionnaires should be handed to the doctors before they start their shift, so that they know what questions they need to answer at the end of the shift, as they may want to make notes as they progress through their shift, eg to record the number of NIPE checks they carried out or the deliveries they attended.

You may want to write your own name and collection point for completed forms on the printed forms at the bottom of page 2, so that the doctors know who and where to return them to.

Once you have collected back all of the forms, you will need to input the data on the SUMMATION OF INDIVIDUAL RETURNS spreadsheet.  There will be one spreadsheet for the Weekday survey, and a separate one for the Weekend survey.
Completion of the spreadsheet

  • Trust/Health Board Name – Select from the drop-down list, which is in alphabetical order. If you can’t find your Trust/Health Board Name, please use the ‘Trust Name’ tab on the spreadsheet to help you.
  • Hospital Name – This will be restricted to the hospitals run by your Trust/Health Board
  • Date of snapshot audit – Enter the date that the morning shift started (either 18 or 21 September)
  • How many Tier 1/2/3 doctors/ANNPs worked during the 24-hour period – Once you enter the total number of doctors who worked in each Tier across the 24 hours, you will see that the corresponding number of doctors will appear in the three tables below (one for each Tier), with the doctors named A, B, C etc to preserve their anonymity.
    Tier 1 starts on row 11, Tier 2 on row 30 and Tier 3 on row 45.

Please enter your name and email so that we can contact you if we have any queries.  Please also indicate whether you would like a certificate from the Royal College recognising your work.

The order of each doctor’s row on the spreadsheet corresponds exactly with the paper questionnaire that they will have handed back to you, and so it should be fairly straightforward to enter the data.  Use the drop-down boxes if there is one, use the 24-hour clock for shift start and end times and if a doctor leaves a question blank, then please ask them to complete the form fully, or as a last resort leave the cell blank.

The final three columns are free text – don’t worry if not all the text is visible after you have entered it as it will still be extracted in full.

Submission of results

Once you have entered all of the doctors’ questionnaire results, then please return the following two files to by 30 September 2019.


If you have any queries with the completion of the form, please contact Matt Colmer, Senior GIRFT Analyst at