Global programme development grants

These grants provide up to £5,000 to members working in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They aim to help deliver small-scale health interventions to help children in low resource settings. Applications are now closed.

About the grant


Each year we invite applications from RCPCH members who have established or plan to establish a small-scale global health intervention for a paediatric population in a low resource setting.

The intervention can focus on training health workers or aiding capacity building of a paediatric health care service, for example through practice development.

We also consider applications to undertake research. Applications must clearly demonstrate the anticipated improvements to child health.

We plan to support pilot projects that may be scaled up to a longer-term and/or more extensive programme. Applications that display how this can be achieved are assessed more favourably.

Who can make the application?

An RCPCH Member or Fellow must be the lead applicant. You may be based in any country. You are welcome to collaborate with others, including non-RCPCH members, on the application.

Which areas of the world can the project be in?

We expect most applications to focus on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South/Southeast Asia. We do, though, consider applications for other regions, including resource-poor areas of Latin America. We also consider applications that focus on populations in specific need, for example, refugees to the UK or other countries.

What is the timeframe?

The grant period is one calendar year. This year it is September 2018 to August 2019.

Funding and support

How much funding is available?

The grants are up to £5,000 per project over a year.

This can be combined with funds sourced from other donors or can be used as stand-alone funding.

What support does the College offer?

The RCPCH Global Team can offer some general oversight support, at the start and throughout the project’s duration.


What will the College require from successful applications?

Grant holders will need to submit four short update reports during the grant period – one at the end of each quarter – which outline the project’s progress and impact.

At the end of the grant period, you will be requested to submit a report that outlines how your pilot intervention could be programmatically scaled up.

How are the applications assessed?

An independent award panel, comprising clinicians with global child health expertise and RCPCH Global Team staff, will review each application.

There are two stages.

  1. Shortlisting – The panel reviews all completed applications, and we inform all applicants of our shortlisting decision.
  2. Presentations – We invite all shortlisted applicants to make a short presentation, including questions from the panel, normally in RCPCH London office. The lead applicant (an RCPCH Member or Fellow) must be available for the presentation, and may be joined by any others involved in the application. We try to find a date and time that is suitable for you and the panel. If you are unable to travel to London, we can arrange for a videoconference.

Does the panel accept late applications?

We will not consider late submissions.