Guidance and resources for Child Protection Evidence

These external links and national guidelines may be useful in relation to the systematic reviews, which address key questions about the recognition and investigation of children with suspected physical abuse and neglect. 

Background to the resource

Formerly known as The Cardiff Child PrOtection Systematic REviews project (CORE Info), we at RCPCH now run the systematic reviews as Child Protection Evidence. The resource has informed the content of our publications, including Child Protection Companion and Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse.

While the format of each review has been revised to fit the style of the College and amalgamated into a comprehensive document, the content remains unchanged until reviewed and new evidence is identified and added to the evidence base. Updated content will be indicated on individual review pages.

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UK national guidance informed by Child Protection Evidence

NSPCC flyers for health professionals working with children

This series of resources details aspects of physical child abuse. They are based on collaborative work by the NSPCC and Cardiff Child Protection Systematic Reviews at Cardiff University.

They will be of use to a wide range of professionals in different disciplines who work with children and young people and their families.

External links

The following links will direct you to other resources which you may find helpful, in addition to the Child Protection Systematic Reviews.

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