Improving the recognition, diagnosis and management of bacterial meningitis in young infants

Eight interactive e-learning modules based around the clinical features of disease, clinical decision making, investigations, best practice management and appropriate follow up using anonymised case studies from a UK study on bacterial meningitis in infants undertaken between September 2010 and June 2013. This is an RCPCH-endorsed eLearning.


To make clinicians aware of:

  • risk factors and clinical features for infection in young infants
  • which investigations should be carried out infants when there is a suspicion of bacterial meningitis
  • importance of giving appropriate antibiotics and when these should be given
  • prognosis and long term effects of meningitis.

Learning objectives

By the end of the activity clinicians should:

  • be less likely to miss a case of bacterial meningitis in a young infant
  • be able to appropriately manage a case of bacterial meningitis in a young infant according to best practice guidelines.