Mentoring scheme endorsement - how to apply

An important component of RCPCH is to provide quality education provision to our members and other child healthcare professionals. The endorsement of non-RCPCH educational programmes (face to face, online learning, etc.) adds value to our members by ensuring that such resources have been quality reviewed by experts. This section focuses on the endorsement of mentoring programmes.
Last modified
12 September 2019

What an RCPCH endorsed scheme/programme allows

  • Use of RCPCH endorsement brand in promotion of products
  • Use of RCPCH statement conferring endorsement
  • Specified guidance on which promotional materials the brand and statement could be used on and in what format
  • Publicity quote from senior College Officer in promotion of product (if required)
  • Publication of endorsed scheme/programme details on the RCPCH website

Terms and conditions

Mentoring schemes/programmes will be supported for a maximum of three years, with the option to apply for re-endorsement after this time.

Organisations will be requested to inform us of any significant changes to the scheme/programme during this timeframe.

Retrospective approval is permitted. However, organisers of new schemes are encouraged to apply the RCPCH Standards for mentoring during the development phase.

Application process

  • The requester should submit a full application - see bottom of page - for endorsement, including associated documentation/evidence, to us at
  • The process will be carried out under confidentiality terms
  • An expert panel, including those involved in establishing/running mentoring schemes, will review the documents and evidence
  • Reviewer responses will be quality reviewed and any inconsistencies/disagreements clarified
  • The requester will be provided with written feedback indicating endorsement or non-approval within six weeks of a full application being submitted to RCPCH

Documentation required

  • Completed application form providing full information per section
  • Supporting documentation underpinning information provided in the application form, eg:
    • scheme objectives/strategy
    • mentor and mentee guidance/application process
    • matching criteria/website
    • scheme quality assurance/evaluation reports/reviews
    • scheme organiser information, eg information/biographies for those running or administering the scheme
    • mentoring skills/scheme training content, eg delivery methods, pre- and/or post-course resources, training slides, trainer biogs, pre- and/or post-course evaluation methods, top up training requirements
    • publicity materials
    • scheme website
    • information to confirm that the scheme/programme is adequately resourced and managed (including information on any sponsors)
    • information to confirm that the organisation and training provider is reputable.

Review criteria

Quality review of mentoring schemes/programmes is essential to ensure that high quality delivery is associated with the RCPCH brand.

In considering programme documentation for endorsing a mentoring scheme/programme the review panel will assess the documentation against RCPCH criteria outlined below:

  • Expert input - Has the scheme/programme been developed with input from individuals with a proven background and/or expertise in mentoring or related activities, eg liaison with other scheme developers, experts in mentoring
  • RCPCH input - Where appropriate (eg paediatric-specific schemes) has the scheme/programme been developed with input from RCPCH staff, officers or members?
  • Relevance to paediatrics / child health - Is the programme suited to the needs of healthcare professionals working in the field of paediatrics and/or child health, regardless of whether directly targeted at this group or more generic?
  • Mentoring standards - Does the scheme/programme reflect the RCPCH Mentoring Standards below?
    • a) Voluntary access for all
    • b) Appropriate selection and matching process (appropriate recruitment, mentee input; avoidance of bias; resolution of conflict)
    • c) Effective and appropriate training and information provided to participants (mentor training; mentee guidance; mentoring aims and objectives)
    • d) Safety and supervision (mentor supervision, support & reflection; referral pathways/signposting to resources; mentee support)
    • e) Evaluation and quality assurance (at individual relationship and programme level by both mentors and mentees)
    • f) Ongoing mentor training, review and accreditation
  • Education and training quality review - Does the training element of the programme reflect appropriate principles of educational design? For example, are there clearly stated learning aims, objectives/outcomes? Does the training demonstrate suitable differentiation and pace to accommodate different learning styles/preferences? Do the activities support achieving the stated objectives/outcomes?
  • Reputation - Is there evidence that the scheme/programme is managed by a reputable provider / group of individuals? Is there evidence that the mentoring skills etc training is delivered by a reputable training provider?
  • Resourcing - Is there evidence that the scheme/programme is adequately resourced?
  • Innovation - Is there any particularly innovative element to the scheme/programme you would like to highlight?

Reviewers will be asked to recommend one of the following options:

  • to endorse the mentoring scheme/programme
  • not to endorse.


As part of our commitment to promoting the importance of the availability of high quality safe and effective mentoring support to all paediatricians, we do not intend to levy a charge for endorsement of schemes/programmes at this time.