NPDA National Conference 2024 - presentations

On 26 January 2024, the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit (NPDA) held their first hybrid National Conference, with over 90 in-person attendees and over 300 people joining virtually. Staff from all professional groups working in diabetes and other stakeholders came together to learn about how NPDA data has been used to improve services and to inform best practice in diabetes management.

Presentations in 2024

We were delighted to welcome Professor Reinhard Holl, Head of Staff Unit, Central Institute for Biomedical Technology, University of Ulm, Germany, to deliver our international keynote presentation in which he discussed international collaboration in driving quality improvement in childhood Type 1 diabetes.

Dr Robert French, Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University, spoke about linking school and university data with NPDA data, Professor Justin Warner (NPDA clinical lead) provided an update on NPDA results, and paediatric diabetes teams from up and down the country shared examples of best practice they’ve developed.  Other areas covered included access to diabetes technology for CYP in an area of social deprivation, addressing inequalities due to poverty, and transition to adult services.

You can view this year's presentations and download the 2024 presentation slides below. We'll soon post a link to the videos. 

Presentations from previous conference

Links go to YouTube playlists.

NPDA National Conference 2023 (link coming soon) - themes included: supporting diabetes management in schools, managing high HbA1c, diabetic retinopathy, and how use of a closed loop system impacted the parent of the child with diabetes, as well as the child.

NPDA National Conference 2021 - themes included: a review of the improvements made over 10 years of the NPDA, achieving excellent outcomes in a disadvantaged and diverse area; and reducing HbA1c in teens

NPDA National Conference 2020 - themes included: learning how to improve outcomes using lessons from international colleagues, spotlight audits, improving outlier status and more

NPDA National Conference 2019 - themes included: Type 1 diabetes management in the USA, effective use of carb counting and transition from paediatric to adult services

NPDA National Conference 2018 - focused on achieving improved health outcomes for children and young people with diabetes, including quality improvement

NPDA National Conference 2017 - themes included: data driven improvement, improvement through engagement and improvement through innovation