Physician Associate online event resources

Our online event on 6 October 2020 began with talks about the current landscape of Physician Associates (PAs) in the UK and the future of the multidisciplinary child health workforce. PAs presented on their quality improvement projects, and in the afternoon we ran interactive workshops. Here we present presentations and posters from the day.
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11 January 2023

You can download all presentation and poster files below.

Event presentations

  1. Introduction/State of play: Physician Associates in paediatrics Dr Nicola Jay
  2. Current picture of Physician Associates in the UK Dr Victoria Dachtler
  3. A multidisciplinary team is best for child health outcomes Dr Nicola Jay
  4. Updates on State of Child Health and Paediatrics 2040 or Why children in the UK need Physician Associates Dr Simon J. Clark
  5. What is the RCPCH doing for Physician Associates? Marie Rogers

    Abstract presentations (12:00 - 13:00 slot)

    1. New vision: PA-led constipation clinics? Marmarine Amarkhel, Alder Hey
    2. Sickle cell crisis: optimising pain management in the Emergency Department Giles Carey, Alder Hey
    3. Rectal suction biopsies: an expanding role for Physician Associates Nikita Patel, Great Ormond Street Hospital
    4. The expanding role of the Surgical Physician Associate in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer Zubayera Hasan, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
    5. Response to strangulation cases in child protection medical assessments Gabriella Tait, Alder Hey

    Afternoon workshops

    1. What do Physician Associates bring to an organisation?
    • What’s the added value of a PA in a team?
    • How do we demonstrate and measure effectiveness?
    1. How should Physician Associates be supported?
    • What are the barriers and facilitators of integrating PAs into a team/area?
    • What should career progression look like for PAs?
    • What do PAs need from their employer and the RCPCH?

    Poster titles

    1. Infant feeding audit - Kalvin Lee
    2. Vaccine patient information leaflet to improve service user access to quality information - Joshua Irvine-Naderali
    3. Investigating opportunities for training using virtual clinics - Grace Rimmer
    4. Improving epilepsy patient care through the development of epilepsy specific clinical pathway - Ritu Jones
    5. Meditech6 problem list use - Gemma Sutton
    6. Developing a referral pathway for managing children and young people with severe obesity - Ellie Clarke
    7. A urine MC&S analysis project looking into the possibility of developing a reflex culture protocol - Phoebe Musuka


    A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event.

    The project was led by Nawsheen Boodhun (Project Lead) and supported by Marie Rogers (Workforce Manager),Davide Carzedda (Analyst) and collaboration with Dr Nicola Jay (Workforce Officer) and Dr Victoria Dachtler (Leadership Fellow) and Paul Lazenby (Improvement Project Manager).

    Thank you to the Paediatric Ambassadors (Rehma Kulsoom Sayed, Harriet Sanderson, Eleanor Senior, Tom Camwell, Zubayera Hasan) for supporting the workshops.