Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QIPS) Forum

The Forum comprises clinical leads with expertise in QIPS as well as RCPCH staff members, who together advise on an operational plan to deliver the Quality Improvement Strategy Framework, adopted by the RCPCH in 2015.

The QIPS Forum meets on a quarterly basis and provides operational guidance, expert input and strategic direction to the implementation of the QI Strategy Framework and Operational Plan, ensuring that work in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety across the College is aligned and coordinated.

The Chair of the Forum is Dr John Alexander, the RCPCH QI Officer. The QIPS Forum reports to the QI Committee in the Clinical Standards team, Research and Policy division.

For more information on the Forum, its membership and recent work, please contact Kasia Muszynska, QI Manager, at kasia.muszynska@rcpch.ac.uk