RCPCH ePortfolio guidance for trainees who are completing training

The completion form is broken down into six parts. See highlights below and scroll down to download the full guide.
Last modified
21 October 2019

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Section 1 – Trainee part

The trainee starts the form. We give the trainee full instructions on how they need to complete their part of the form.

The trainee:

  • confirms ARCP 6 (Annual Review of Competence of Progression) held
  • confirms exam results
  • states where they will complete their training
  • add any additional training posts to their portfolio, as needed
  • uploads their CV - this is also added to the document library.

If a trainee is doing GRID (sub-specialty training), they will need to select the relevant form.

Section 2 – RCPCH Admin part

The RCPCH team:

  • checks the trainee has the ARCP 6 outcomes necessary
  • generates a report of the trainee’s posts/ absences
  • estimates the training times for level 1, 2 and 3
  • identifies if the trainee will complete through CCT (certification of completion of training) or CESR-CP (certification of eligibility for specialist registration - combined programme).

Section 3 – Regional Lead part

The Regional Lead is invited to:

  • detail the training times completed in each level
  • identify the confirmed completion date (nearly always the same as the ARCP 6 form).

The Regional Lead is then invited to send on the form to Head of School or CSAC lead if trainee is in GRID training. The names of these roles will be in RCPCH Admin part in section 2.

The Regional Lead completes their part and sends to either:

  • CSAC representative identified in section 2 if GRID trainee, or
  • Head of School if not GRID.

Section 4 – CSAC sign off for GRID trainees

Only applicable if the trainee is GRID.

The name of the Head of School will be available to CSAC representative in section 2, which is completed by RCPCH Admin.

It is vital that the correct Head of School is selected.

Section 5 – Head of School sign-off

(For non-GRID trainees, this will be section 4.)

The Head of School reviews and confirms the information.

The name of Head of School will be available to CSAC representative in section 2, which is completed by RCPCH Admin.

Section 6 and 7– RCPCH check and sign

(For non-GRID trainees, this will be sections 5 and 6.)

The final sections allow the RCPCH to check all the information and prepare it for the RCPCH Officer for Training to sign off so we can recommend the trainee to the GMC for specialist registration.

Section 8 – Advice to trainee that completion recommendation has gone to GMC from RCPCH

(For non-GRID trainees, this will be section 7.)