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We can work in partnership with organisations to plan, develop and deliver research. We offer project management and methodological support, children and young person engagement support and stakeholder representation. Whether you have an idea for a research project, or have already started your work, we'd like to hear from you. Read more below and complete our form.

We use the following research priority framework, with priority and key questions to consider.


  • Does this proposal fit the College’s research and policy priorities? See current strategic aims.
  • Does this proposal relate to other areas of the College's work (for example, quality improvement, health policy, clinical guidelines, research and evaluation, education and training)?


  • What is the issue that requires investigation?
  • How will this work impact:
    • infants, children and young people’s health outcomes
    • outcomes for parents and carers
    • outcomes for healthcare professionals
    • cost effectiveness for NHS?
  • Is there any current work ongoing or new evidence identified in the specified area?
  • What is the added value of the proposed work?

Social/ethical concerns

  • Have social and ethical considerations been explored (for example, consent, safeguarding)?
  • Does this work require research ethics approval?

College impact

  • Is this work funded? If not, what avenues of funding are being explored?
  • Why would you like the support of the College to develop and deliver this work?


  • How will impact be measured?
  • What is the time period before impact can be measured and realised?
  • Is the proposed work value for money?

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