Research Charter - what support do health professionals need?

We asked healthcare professionals and researchers across the UK what support they need to help them embed the Research Charter. Here is what they told us.

What support do you need from the RCPCH?

Research charter: support needed

The most popular response was the need for tools to engage children and young people. RCPCH &Us works to ensure that the voice of children, young people and families is making a difference in child health and healthcare for young patients. With the support from our networks, we're building our resources.

The next most popular response was the need for funding support. Members can access our funding opportunities database or request support from our Research and Evaluation team.

What support do you need from your organisation?

Research charter: support from your organisation

The most popular response was protected time in the workplan.

Capacity of paediatricians to participate in research

These findings correlate with previous findings from our 2015 survey of all consultant and SAS grade paediatricians working in the UK. The survey looked at the capacity of all members of this workforce to participate in research, and their views on public and patient involvement (PPI) in research.