About SPS


The Scottish Paediatric Society (SPS) was founded in 1922 and was the first Paediatric Society in the United Kingdom. Since then its membership has progressed from a tiny number of senior doctors meeting in each others homes to a Society of over 200 members.  

Its principal purpose is to promote the health of children in Scotland. This is achieved by:

  • holding educational meetings 
  • providing junior staff with funds to travel to international meetings 
  • administering the Scottish Paediatric Surveillance Unit (ScotPSU).  

The SPS provides an opportunity for clinicians to carry out their own surveys using the database and data collection methodology supported by the Society. 

The SPS has a President, a Secretary and an Executive Committee.

There are two academic meetings each year: traditionally the November Meeting is held either in Edinburgh or Glasgow; the Summer Meeting is hosted in another city or large town in Scotland. These meetings pivot round presentation of clinical cases, and research and audit projects, and benefit from friendly but incisive questions and comments from the audience.  

Membership of the SPS provides great opportunities to promote the health and welfare of children, to further academic interests, to learn from colleagues and is always thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling.

History 1962 - present

The beginning of this period in the history of the Society coincided with a time of momentous change in Scottish paediatrics. A progressive increase in knowledge and clinical skills brought specialisation, and new large hospital services for children replaced a fragmentary service based on visiting staff.

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History 1922 - 1962

The Scottish Paediatric Society arose logically out of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Paediatric Club, which was founded in July, 1922, by ten medical men in Glasgow and Edinburgh, whose main interest was in diseases of children.

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