St Andrew's Day 2007

Photographs from the Scottish Paediatric Society St Andrew's Day Symposium November 2007

2007 Ruth-Thomson---SPS-President.gif 2007 Claire-Smith.gif 2007 Elizabeth-Hobbs.gif
2007 Ruth Thomson  SPS President
Claire Smith
Elizabeth Hobbs 
2007 E.-Hobbs-receives-prize-from-HRH.gif 2007 HRH-presenting-prize-to-J.-Robinson.gif 2007 HRH-presents-prize-to-K-O'Reilly.gif
Elizabeth Hobbs receives prize from HRH HRH presenting prize to J. Robinson HRH presents prize to K O'Reilly
2007 HRH-Princess-Anne's-reception.gif 2007 Ishaq-Abu-Arafeh.gif 2007 Kathleen-O'Reilly.gif
HRH Princess Anne's reception Ian Laing Kathleen O'Reilly
2007 Richard-Brooker-and-Ishaq-Abu-Arafeh.gif 2007 Ann-Harvie-and-Mary-Callaghan.gif  
Richard Brooker and Ishaq Abu-Arafeh Ann Harvie and Mary Callaghan