St Andrew's Day 2009

Photographs from the Scottish Paediatric Society St Andrew's Day Symposium November 2009

2009-Dr.-Kavitha-Rozario,-Winner-best-case-presentation.gif 2009-Dr.-Laura-McGlone,-Oman-Craig-Trophy-Winner---Best-scientific-presentation.gif 2009-Dr-Angela-Thomas.gif
Dr. Kavitha Rozario, Winner best case presentation 
Dr. Laura McGlone, Oman Craig Trophy Winner - Best
scientific presentation
Dr. Angela Thomas
2009-Dr-Ann-Harvie,-President-of-the-SPS.gif 2009-Dr-Ian-Lang-and-Dr-Richard-Holloway.gif 2009-Dr-Jed-Bamber,-winner-best-poster-presentation.gif
Dr. Ann Harvie, President of the SPS Dr. Ian Lang and Dr Richard Holloway Dr Jed Bamber, winner best poster presentation