St Andrew's Day 2010

Photographs from the Scottish Paediatric Society St Andrew's Day Symposium November 2010

2010-Delegates.gif 2010-Dr Jim Beattie.gif 2010-Dr-Anna-Dall-receives-prize.gif
Dr Jim Beattie
Dr Anna Dall receives prize
2010-Dr-Ann-Harvie,-retiring-president-SPS.gif 2010-Dr-Ashok-Karupaiah.gif 2010-Dr-Clare-Quinn-(McRae).gif
Dr Ann Harvie, retiring president SPS Dr Ashok Karupaiah Dr Clare Quinn (McRae)
2010-Dr-David-Hughes.gif 2010-Dr-Fiona-cameron.gif 2010-Dr-Hannah-Spiers.gif
Dr David Hughes Dr Fiona Cameron Dr Hannah Spiers
2010-Dr-Jana-Thuerey.gif 2010-Dr-Louisa-Pollock.gif 2010-Dr-Michael-McCarron.gif
Dr Jana Thuerey Dr Louisa Pollock Dr Michael McCarron
2010-Dr-Steve-Foster.gif 2010-Dr-Ulf-Theilen.gif 2010-Lois-White.gif
Dr Steve Foster Dr Ulf Theilen Lois White
2010-Mark-Goddard.gif 2010-Mark-Goddard-receives-Prize.gif 2010-Mr-Ian-Anderson,-President-RCPSG.gif
Mark Goddard Mark Goddard receives Prize Mr Ian Anderson, President RCPSG
2010-Professor-Sir-Iain-Chalmers.gif 2010-Prof-Peter-Helms,-President-SPS.gif 2010-Prof-Terrence-Stephenson,-President-RCPCH.gif
Professor Sir Iain Chalmers Prof Peter Helms, President SPS Prof Terrence Stephenson, President RCPCH
Sir Iain Chalmers and Dr. Alison Rennie