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Key Data on Young People 2017 published today by the Association for Young People's Health

16 October 2017

Prof Russell Viner says it provides "further grim, yet wholly familiar, reading for anyone working in the field of children and young people’s health"

Quarter of 14-year-old girls 'have signs of depression'

20 September 2017

Findings from National Children’s Bureau highlight need for early intervention and treatment

Child safety fears and long waiting times highlighted as Royal College calls for more doctors in the community

6 September 2017

Dr Gabrielle Laing says shortages and growing demands are resulting in "unacceptable" delays and less time for child protection

Report slams distribution of government's £9bn childcare spending

31 August 2017

Figures show 75% of funding will go to wealthiest parts of the population

New report shows young people’s happiness levels at lowest since 2010

30 August 2017

Study reveals more than 1 million children experience at least seven serious problems in their lives, such as bereavement and domestic violence

Scottish workforce report finds 1 in 4 paediatric units closed to new admissions due to staffing concerns

16 August 2017

Professor Steve Turner says the situation can only be resolved by "increasing the numbers coming into paediatrics" and retaining the current workforce

RCPCH publishes new guidance on breastfeeding, highlighting the health benefits and importance of tackling UK's low rates

31 July 2017

RCPCH President Prof Neena Modi says there must be a "coordinated and determined approach across all the society if the situation is to be improved"

Deprived children in Scotland twice as likely to be obese

27 July 2017

NHS Scotland report concludes that "actions to reduce the 'obesogenic' environment” are urgently needed

Toddlers in Scotland face six-month wait to have teeth pulled

24 July 2017

Delays mean children turning up at A&E requiring emergency treatment after developing abscesses from rotten teeth

The RCPCH, through the Smoke Free Action Coalition, has lobbied for the publication of a new Tobacco Control Plan

19 July 2017

RCPCH's State of Child Health report points to smoking in pregnancy and smoking amongst children and young people as key areas that need to be tackled