Three children looking at a laptopRCPCH ePortfolio is the College's online learning tool for trainees and their supervisors to log their activities and monitor progress through the curriculum. 

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For trainee paediatricians

RCPCH ePortfolio is an online educational tool to record your learning in all its forms and settings. It facilitates your development, and it gives structure and evidence to support your training.

The tool is mandatory for all run-through and non run-through paediatricians in UK service posts.

If you need ePortfolio, please register for training and apply for membership at the College - find out how to register

For supervisors and LETBs / deaneries 

RCPCH ePortfolio helps to structure workplace-based assessments and to monitor progress and competency attainment for Annual Review of Competence Progressions (ARCPs).

If you have been appointed as an Educational Supervisor by your College Tutor and require an ePorfolio account, please contact us on eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk

Support and contact

The first port of call is your deanery/LETB administrator. If they cannot resolve your problem, then please contact the College.

Future developments

We are working on several updates to improve functionality within the Kaizen ePortfolio.

Find out more at the Kaizen HQ website


The curriculum enables you as a trainee to provide a robust and verifiable record of your achievement of the required competences.

It is also an excellent learning tool to inform you of the expected competences at each level of your training, chart your progress through the run-through training programme, help identify your future learning needs and define objectives for your Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Please read the guidance document which explains which curricula to follow at which stage of your training. If you are not in the ST programme, you should make entries to the curricula applicable to the level at which you are working.

Curriculum - guidance (PDF, 58 KB)

General paediatrics curriculum

Sub-specialties curricula

Annual Review of Competence Progressions (ARCPs)

Your LETB / deanery will inform you of what they expect to see in your ePortfolio at ARCPs. It is useful to be aware of these requirements early in the training year to avoid any surprises.

If you are unsure of these requirements, please contact your LETB / deanery administrator - find contacts for your region

ARCPs and RCPCH ePortfolio

For more information on the ARCP process and ePortfolio, please read the statement from David Evans, Officer for Assessment regarding ARCPs and the RCPCH ePortfolio (PDF, 154KB)

Workplace-based assessments (WPBAs)

The RCPCH uses ePortfolio for all WPBAs and trainee data from the old systems (ASSET and NES ePortfolio) will have been moved across to the new platform.

If you cannot view your WBAs in ePortfolio please contact us on eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk

More about WPBAs

Spring MSF round

Trainees can start their own MSF round as they would other assessments. Trainees must complete one MSF per training year. Trainees must get at least 7 responses to complete an MSF (excluding hte self-assessment), at this point trainees are able to close their round and generate a report. 

If you do not usually need to sign in to ePortfolio, you will instead be able to give feedback via an email link.

More about MSF

Academic guidance

Academic skills and outputs (PDF, 19KB, 1 page)

About academic paediatric training

Reporting bugs and issues

If you spot any bugs or issues, please email us on eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk with the following:

  • your name
  • your RCPCH number
  • your role
  • date of bug or issue
  • about bug or issue - including as much detail as possible, such as operating system, web browser and device used
  • if possible, an attached screenshot
  • if your query involves another user please provide their name, role, RCPCH number or email address

Browser information

The new ePortfolio system is not currently supported for Internet Explorer versions 8 or 9. We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozillla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer versions 10 or 11.

If you do not have these available, please speak to your IT support department and raise it as a ticket with them. 

We have also produced a workaround browser that can be downloaded and used as a short term measure - please speak to your Head of School if you need to arrange to download this.

ePortfolio Privacy notice

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