HAT (Handover Assessment Tool), Acute Care Assessment Tool (ACAT) and LEADER

HAT, ACAT and LEADER are SLEs (Supervised Learning Events), to be used as workplace-based assesment tools for paediatric run-through trainees. These SLEs have been designed to assess handover, acute care assessment and clinical leadership skills.  

How many HAT, ACAT and LEADER assessments do you need to complete?

In general, we recommend that trainees do at least 1 or 2 SLEs per month across a range of assessments. Trainees are also encouraged to undertake the assessments indicated as optional.

You should try and complete a minimum of:

  • Level 1 - 1 HAT (LEADER and ACAT are optional)
  • Level 2 - 2 HAT, 1 ACAT and 2 LEADER
  • Level 3 - 3 LEADER (HAT and ACAT are optional)


HAT Guidance August 2017  (PDF, 3 pages, 488 KB)

ACAT Guidance August 2017 (PDF, 3 pages, 747KB)

LEADER CBD Guidance August 2017 (PDF, 5 pages, 1,259KB)

Who should assess my SLEs?

HAT and ACAT: At least one of each of these to be done by a consultant. Additional assessments may be carried out by others, such as SAS doctors. Those conducting these assessments will need to provide feedback to the College on how successful the assessment is and suggestions for modification. 

LEADER: This needs to be done by a consultant.


HAT, ACAT and LEADER will all need to be completed online, using ePortfolio

You can view these forms below, but the final form must be completed online:


Below are examples of the assessments


If you have any queries about this, or any other assessment, please email the ePortfolioTeam on ePortfolio@rcpch.ac.uk