Multi-Source Feedback (ePaedMSF)

ePaedMSF is an online workplace based assessment tool for paediatric trainees, providing multi-source feedback (MSF). MSF has been identified by the General Medical Council (GMC) as suitable assessment and revalidation evidence, and forms part of our overall assessment programme.

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Guidance for 2015-2016 training year

Level 1 (ST1-3)

You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 1 must cover neonatal and general paediatric practice

Level 2 (ST4-5)

You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 2 must cover neonatal, community and general paediatric practice

Level 3 (ST6-8)

You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 3 must cover all aspects of sub-specialty.

Please note

It is the trainee's responsibility to note the dates, and ensure that you have completed one satisfactory ePaedMSF per training year.

Please check your deanery/LETB and training level in your ePortfolio before you start the round.

Guidance documents

Principles behind ePaedMSF (PDF, 508KB, 3 pages)

Example of a completed ePaedMSF form (PDF, 51KB, 3 pages) - demonstrates the kind of feedback that is expected

You are now able to open your own MSF round whenever you choose - you can select it as an option under 'New Event' in your ePortfolio. You can close your own round, or it will close automatically once you receive 20 responses.

Once you close your own round, no further assessments can be added. You will need to open a new round to ask new assessors and gain further responses. Please delete any incomplete invitations to ensure that reminders are not sent unnecessarily.

  1. You must have a minimum of seven completed assessments and a self-assessment for your MSF report to be valid - we advise that you invite over 11 assessors, to help increase your pool of responses. The more assessments you gain during the round the more useful you will find your report - please remember that seven is only the minimum, we encourage you to have at least ten respondents.

  2. Twenty completed responses is the maximum for the assessment. Although you can invite more than 20 assessors, we suggest that you invite those you work closely with first and then if necessary invite futher assessors later on.

  3. Your assessors must include your Educational Supervisor and 2/3 medical staff - half of which need to be consultants, 1/3 nursing or allied health professionals. To see a full list of allied health professionals please visit the Health Professions Council website. Please note that clerical staff are not eligible to complete assessments.

  4.  Feedback will be available to both you and your Educational Supervisor simultaneously (as long as you are linked on ePortfolio). The completed report will appear in both your individual RCPCH ePortfolio accounts after the round closes.
  5. Please note that only one completed MSF is required per training year.

An MSF Guide  (PDF, 348kb, 3 pages) has been created to assist trainees completing MSFs on the new ePortfolio. 


You must be registered with the College in order to be eligible for ePaedMSF. Please see the registration page for further information.

The RCPCH ePaedMSF is only for the use of trainees or those in equivalent posts.