Paediatric Case Based Discussion (ePaedCbD)

ePaedCbD is a workplace based assesment tool for paediatric run-through trainees that has been designed to assess clinical reasoning and decision-making. 

Child having nose examined.jpgHow many ePaedCbD assessments do you need to complete?

We recommend that trainees do at least one or two SLEs per month, whether this is a CbD or any other assessment. 

However, there is no requirement for a minimum total; trainees should aim for quality and not just quantity.


CbD Guidance October 2016  (PDF, 917KB, 6 pages)                      

Trainees are advised to have their CbD assessments completed by a Consultant, Associate Specialist or senior Specialty Doctor . In certain circumstances, Senior SpRs and ST 7-8 trainees may also carry out assessments.

Your CbD will need to be completed online, using ePortfolio.

Safeguarding CbD

A new version of the CbD assessment specifically for safeguarding cases is now available on ePortfolio. One of these assessments should be completed for each training year.


CbD/Safeguarding CbD form for reference below, but the final form must be completed online:

Examples of CbD and Safeguarding CbD forms:


If you have any queries about this, or any other assessment, please email the ePortfolioTeam on