Paediatric Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (ePaedMini-CEX)

ePaedMiniCeX is a workplace-based assessment tool for paediatric run-through trainees and is designed to provide feedback on skills essential to the provision of good clinical care in a UK paediatric setting. 

How many ePaedMiniCeX assessments do you need to complete?

We recommend that trainees do at least one or two SLEs per month, whether this is ePaedMiniCeX or any other assessment.

However, there is no requirement for a minimum total; trainees should aim for quality and not just quantity.


MiniCeX Guidance October 2015  (PDF, 756KB, 4 pages)

 Trainees are advised to have their ePaedMiniCeX assessments completed by a Consultant, Associate Specialist or senior Specialty Doctor. In certain circumstances, Senior SpRs and ST 7-8 trainees may also carry out assessments.

Your ePaedMiniCeX will need to be completed online, using RCPCH ePortfolio.


MiniCeX form (PDF, 2 pages, 283KB) - for reference; the final form must be completed online using RCPCH ePortfolio.  ePortfolio. ePortfolioRCPCH ePortfoliRCPCH ePortfolio.RCPCH ePortfolio. RCPCHRCPCH ePortfolio.  

MiniCex Form (Word 200.5KB)

Mini-CeX exemplars:


If you have any queries about this, or any other assessment, please email