MRCPCH Clinical examinations - syllabus, structure and anchor statements

The MRCPCH Clinical examination is run as an Objective Structure Clinical Examination, or OCSE. This page presents information about the syllabus and format of the examination.

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Exam technique

MRCPCH Clinical - exam technique (PDF, 35 pages, 156KB) - for both examiners and candidates, this booklet sets a level of technique and expertise that is expected of the good candidate 


The MRCPCH Clinical follows an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) style format. It comprises ten stations, which test candidates in:

  • child development
  • communication skills
  • history-taking and management planning
  • recognition and diagnosis of clinical signs and symptoms
  • physical examination skills

Circuit diagram (PDF, 1 page, 6KB)  

Communication stations - scenarios

In two of the stations, candidates are expected to display their competence in communication. You will be given a to impart and discuss information with a child, parent or colleague.

Some examples of scenarios used at these stations:

One station uses a video. You will be time to read instructions relating to the video scenarios software before they begin their examination.

Candidate user guide for video station (PDF, 4 pages 271 KB)

Anchor statements

Anchor statements outline the expected general standard for each station are provided to all examiners in order to aid them reach their overall judgments.

Developmental station (PDF, 2 pages, 24KB)

Communication station (PDF, 2 pages, 24KB)

History taking and management planning station (PDF, 2 pages, 27KB)

Clinical examination station (PDF, 2 pages, 24KB)  

Mark sheets

You will enter your name and code number on a mark sheet for each station. We have provided sample copies below

Mark sheets (PDF, 18 pages, 231KB) 


Candidate Route Maps 

Each candidate will have a specific start and end station for their circuit. In order to provide a route from their start station to navigate round the circuit each of the 12 candidates will have their own route map available within their mark sheet packs . We have provided sample copies below. 

Route Maps