Diploma of Child Health (DCH) Clinical Examination - syllabus, structure and anchor statements

The DCH Clinical examination is run as an Objective Structure Clinical Examination, or OCSE. This page presents information about the syllabus and format of the examination.

DCH-button-advert-web.gifIn order for candidates to obtain the Diploma in Child Health they must have acheived a pass mark in both the DCH Clinical examination and the Foundation of Practice theory examination.

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The DCH Clinical syllabus outlines the competencies in both knowledge and skills, giving consideration to the short period of paediatric training necessary before eligibility to enter the examination. It provides a summary list of topics to be covered, specification in the depth of knowledge and skills required and guidance for trainees and teachers on what must be taught and learned.

DCH Examination Syllabus (PDF, 25 pages, 2950 KB)


The DCH Clinical comprises two circuits - of four 6-minute stations, and of four 9-minute stations.

DCH Clinical Circuit (PDF, 1 page, 58 KB)

Anchor statements

Anchor statements outline the expected general standard for each station. These are provided to all examiners to help them reach an overall judgment.

Communication - station 1 and 2 (PDF, 2 pages, 20 KB)

Data interpretation - station 3 (PDF, 1 page, 19 KB)

Structured oral - station 4 (PDF, 1 page, 13 KB)

Clinical assessment - station 5 (PDF, 1 page, 15 KB)

Focussed history - station 6 (PDF, 2 pages, 20 KB)

Child development - station 7 (PDF, 1 page, 18 KB)

Safe prescribing - station 8 (PDF, 2 pages, 21 KB)

Mark sheets

You will enter your name and code number on a mark sheet for each station. We have provided a sample copy - for your examination, the layout may differ but the content and structure will be the same. 

DCH Clinical Exam Mark Sheets (PDF, 16 pages, 248 KB)


Results are sent out about five weeks after the examination. You can also check your examination results through your online account

Please note we cannot give out results by phone.