The College offers two types of examination, Membership Examination (MRCPCH) and the Diploma in Child Health (DCH). These exams are hosted in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and a number of countries internationally. Some countries use the MRCPCH as part of their paediatric training programmes.

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Register online for exams

If you have not yet sat an examination with the RCPCH and/or do not have an RCPCH number, you will first need to create or sign in to your online account, and then register online for examinations. Once your registration is accepted, you can apply for an exam during the relevant application period.

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Membership of the RCPCH is achieved by passing a series of MRCPCH exams. These are usually taken during the period of basic specialist training (which normally lasts two to three years). They are the normal entry requirement for Core Specialist Training in paediatrics.  

The MRCPCH comprises:

  1. Foundation of Practice (FOP) - theory exam
  2. Theory and Science (TAS) - theory exam
  3. Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) - theory exam
  4. MRCPCH Clinical exam

Candidates take the three theory exams on a computer at a test centre. They can be taken in any order and are non-sequential. There are usually three sittings of each per year. Candidates must pass the three theory examinations before they can sit the MRCPCH Clinical examination. 

In general it is expected that all trainees entering ST3 will have passed at least two of the three theory exams. We expect trainees entering ST4 (level 2) to have completed and passed all parts of the MRCPCH, including the clinical examination.

Each year about 3,200 candidates attempt the FOP and TAS exams, about 2,000 attempt the AKP, and about 1,700 attempt the MRCPCH clinical exam.

MRCPCH Assessment of essential paediatric skills: a guide for newcomers (PDF, 17 pages, 3147 KB) - we recommend you read this introduction to the role and importance of the MRCPCH 

About theory exams

Diploma in Child Health (DCH) exam

The DCH is designed to give recognition of competence in the care of children to General Practitioner vocational trainees, staff grades in paediatrics and trainees in specialties allied to paediatrics.

The DCH comprises:

  • Foundation of Practice (FOP) - theory exam
  • DCH Clinical exam

About theory exams (including FOP)

Dates (application periods and exams) and fees

Theory exam (UK and overseas) and Clinical exams (UK only) 2018(PDF, 135 KB)

DCH Clinical (UK) dates 2018

DCH Clinical (overseas) dates 2018

Fees 2018 (PDF, 675 KB)  


Exam results

Exam candidates can sign in to their RCPCH online accounts to check their results.

We normally process exam results within 5-6 weeks of the exam date. For overseas MRCPCH/DCH Clinical exams results processing can take up to 8 weeks. 

For more precise information on examination results processing and publication dates please email exams@rcpch.ac.uk.

Please ensure when sending emails through examination enquries that you add a clear subject heading e.g. 'MRCPCH Clinical Egypt 2016.3 exam result enquiry'.

Quality and standards

The College is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards for its exams. The MRCPCH is modelled to accurately assess the competencies of paediatric trainees and to conform to the highest standards of assessment and medical education.

To ensure the pre-eminence of the MRCPCH, the College rigorously quality assures all of its processes and actively engages in research and ongoing development work.

More about quality and standards at the RCPCH

Registration for training (UK and Republic of Ireland trainees)

Registration for training at the RCPCH gives you access to the essential online assessment tool, RCPCH ePortfolio, and further resources to support your career. All paediatric specialty trainees in General Medical Council (GMC) approved training posts are required to be registered for training.

You need to be an RCPCH member in order to register for training. You can apply for membership and register for training using our online system.

Contact us

To help us respond to your enquiry, please add a clear subject heading. For example,if your enquiry is about your exam results, please add the relevant specific detail, such as "MRCPCH Clinical Egypt 2015.3 exam result enquiry".

Email: exams@rcpch.ac.uk