Register for examinations

If you have not yet sat an examination with the RCPCH and/or do not have an RCPCH number, you will need to register online for examinations - for either MRCPCH or DCH. Once your registration is accepted, you can apply for an examination during the relevant application period.

When to register

We strongly advise that you register outside of an exam application period. This will help ensure we complete your registration in time for your preferred exam date. 

See dates of application periods

Create your RCPCH online account

It takes just a few minutes to create your account.

If you have an RCPCH number (eg if you are an RCPCH member or have previously registered for examinations), this will be on any written correspondence from the College. If you think you have an RCPCH number but don't remember this, please contact us on

If you have an account, sign in.

Register for exams

Once signed in, you can go to Account in the website header. 

You can go to Update My Details to check and edit your details, including your work information, contact preferences and interests. Do please take a moment to complete the Equal Opportunities section - this information is key to undertaking examination performance analysis.

*Please note when registering for an RCPCH account if you only have one name please enter this in the surname field.

Then, go to Register for Exams. Select your qualification route (MRCPCH or DCH), and complete a short form about your primary medical qualification.

If you are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and if all other details are entered correctly, your registration will be automatically accepted.

If you are not registered with the GMC, you can submit a scanned copy of your Primary Medical Certificate. The RCPCH Examinations Team will review your registration, and inform you whether your registration is accepted within three working days.

Guidance - registering for exams (PDF, 734KB)

Frequently asked questions - registering for exams (PDF, 576KB)

Apply for an examination 

Once your registration is accepted, you can apply for an exam during the relevant application period.

About applying for an examination


For information and support, please contact the Examinations Team.