Examination rules and regulations

The RCPCH aims to provide a professional service on the delivery of our MRCPCH and DCH examinations. Our rules and regulations are for candidates, examiners and invigilators, and agreed by the RCPCH Examinations Executive Committee. Please read before applying for and sitting any RCPCH exam.

MRCPCH DCH rules and regulations for examinations

Revised 31 July 2017

Come into full effect 1 September 2017

The rules and regulations cover:

  • eligibility
  • progression of examination papers
  • calculation of passmarks
  • quality control
  • data management and reporting
  • management of malpractice cases in examinations
  • reasonable adjustment
  • candidate ID (identification) checking
  • currency and number of examination attempts
  • cancellation of examinations
  • withdrawals
  • complaints and feedback
  • results
  • remarking of scripts
  • appeals.

MRCPCH DCH Examinations Regulations and Rules

The related appendices provide further detail to the above bullets.

Appendix A.RCPCH Examinations Privacy Statement

ystem/files/protected/DCH%20Candidate%20Guidenotes%20HK%202014.pdf/system/files/protected/DCH%20Candidate%20Guidenotes%20HK%202014_0.pdf/system/files/protected/DCH%20Candidate%20Guidenotes%20HK%202014_0.pdf/system/files/protected/DCH%20Candidate%20Guidenotes%20HK%202014_0.pdfAppendix F. Cancellation or suspension of MRCPCH DCH examinations.v. Appendix F. Cancellation or suspension of MRCPCH DCH examinations.v. B.Process for cases of suspected malpractice in college examinations

Appendix C. Reasonable adjustment policy for RCPCH examinations

Annex 4 MRCPCH DCH Request for Reasonable Adjustment Form

Appendix D. MRCPCH and DCH candidate identification policy

Appendix E. Currency and number of attempts in MRCPCH examinations

Currency and number of attempts in MRCPCH examination form

Appendix F. Cancellation or suspension of MRCPCH DCH examinations

Appendix G. Examination complaint feedback policy

Annex 1 Theory Examination Candidate Complaint Feedback Form

Annex 2 Clinical Examination Candidate Complaint Feedback Form

Appendix H. Examination Results MRCPCH DCH theory and clinical examinations

Appendix I. Theory examination re-marking policy

Appendix J. Clinical examination appeals policy

MRCPCH Clinical examination appeals form