Apply online for a theory examination

To sit the RCPCH theory examinations in any country (for both the MRCPCH and DCH routes), you must apply online during the relevant application period. We cannot accept paper applications. Find out how to apply, process rules and how to inform us of additional requirements.



There are three annual sittings of each theory exam. These are on the same dates in all locations, UK and overseas.

See application periods and exam dates

How to apply

First, you must be registered for examinations. We strongly advise that you register outside of an examination application period when we are more busy than usual.

To apply, sign in to your RCPCH online account. Go to Account and to the Exams tab, and complete the form.

You can track the status of your submitted application in the Exams tab of your account.

For more information, read our application guide for your location, and our FAQs:

Process rules

  • To apply to sit a theory examination in any country, you must use the RCPCH online application system. Paper application forms will not be accepted, and will be returned.
  • All candidates must adhere to the set application dates and times. Applications for all exams will open at 9.00am GMT (local time in the UK) on the first day of the advertised application period and close at 4.30pm GMT.
  • Online applications cannot be submitted before or after the published deadlines.
  • If you have saved your application but not submitted it before the closing date, you will not be able to do so until the next application period.

Inform us of additional requirements

The College has a commitment to equality and diversity. Candidate requests in relation to additional requirements are considered on an individual basis. The College has made arrangements for various requirements, such as:

  • dyslexia
  • dyspraxia
  • mobility issues.

If you have additional requirements, please describe these in your online application. A member of the Examinations Team will contact you during or shortly after the application period to discuss these.

Once we have more details, we may be able to arrange for you to:

  • have additional time to complete the exam at your preferred test centre
  • sit the exam in the College, or
  • be advised of a test centre that  suits your accessibility needs.

If you have any queries, please contact us before you apply on or 020 7092 6000 (ask for Exams Team).