Theory exams test centres - UK and overseas

The College theory examinations take place in a network of test centres both in the UK and overseas. The test centres are listed by exam, and by UK city or international region.

Once you have applied for an examination, you will receive an admissions document with the full address of the test centre about four weeks before your examination. 

If you have any access or additional requirements, please note these on your online application - more information

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Availability of test centres

Each test centre has a fixed number of seats, and can no longer accept candidates once maximum capacity is reached.

The online application system will be up to date during the application period with available centres and seats. We accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis, and only before the closing date. Once a booking has been confirmed as paid, transfers will not be possible. Any cancellation requests received can only be processed after the application period.

UK and Republic of Ireland - Not all of the cities/centres listed will offer the examination at each sitting and alternative centres may be added if there is a change in centre availability. Some cities or regions may have more than one test centre option. If this is the case and they are filled quickly, additional centres in that region may be added/ become available. 

Overseas test centres - Not all countries listed host every exam at every sitting. If you do not see the country below that you wish to sit your exam in or during any other sitting offered this year please contact the Examinations Team on

Saudi Arabia - gender-specific centres - Test centres in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam will be gender-specific. If you apply to a centre in Saudi Arabia, please ensure your details are correct, and that you book into an appropriate entre.

Candidates may apply to sit both the Foundation of Practice (FOP) and Theory and Science (TAS) examinations at the same time. The FOP exam is always held in the morning and TAS in afternoon of any exam day - more about start and end times.

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UK and Republic of Ireland test centres


Bedford Belfast Birmingham




Canterbury Cardiff Chelmsford


Crewe Dublin Edinburgh Glasgow Leeds



Milton Keynes Newcastle Northampton Nottingham Preston


Rotherham Taunton Warrington Wetherby  

*There will be a number of test centres available to apply to in London but the exact number and location will depend on the number of candidates that apply.

Overseas test centres

Abu Dhabi





Hong Kong


Jordan Kolkata Kuwait Malaysia Malta
Mumbai Myanmar New Delhi Oman (Ghala Heights)  Oman (New Salalah)


Saudi Arabia

Singapore Sri Lanka Sudan Trinidad  
*There will be a few test centres available to apply to in Saudi Arabia. The test centres will open in a specific order and this will depend on the number of candidates that apply.