Becoming an RCPCH examiner

consultants in meeting webU.JPGWe invite medical professionals to apply as an examiner for MRCPCH and DCH exams. We provide a comprehensive assessment and training programme, which aims to reinforce and enhance your abilities. We are grateful for the support and time freely given by our examiners.

Note! We are not currently recruiting any UK-based MRCPCH / generic examiners. We plan to open applications again in early 2019

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Apply as MRCPCH or generic examiner - overseas

First, please check with the RCPCH Exams Team or the lead exam organiser/committee for your region whether we are recruiting examiners for the specific country.

If applications are being considered please download and complete the below application form, and send direct to the RCPCH Exams Team. The local/lead organiser of MRCPCH/DCH exam activity in your country will be notified of all applications for examiners within country. The Principal Regional Examiner (PRE) for your region may also be notified.

Examiner Elect (MRCPCH or generic) application form (MS Word, 91 KB) 

Apply as DCH-only examiner

Download and complete the below application form, and send to us. The DCH Board and RCPCH Examinations Executive will review throughout the year.

We welcome applications from non-consultant grade and non-principal grade GPs with a background in another specialty and from paediatricians whose experience and knowledge makes them suitable to examine for the DCH.

You must hold membership status with a Royal Medical College. 

Examiner Elect (DCH only) application form (MS Word, 91KB)

Apply as Senior examiner

About the application process to become and RCPCH Senior Examiner (MRCPCH/DCH)

Appointment process

Once approved, you will then be confirmed as an Examiner Elect and will be given the opportunity to participate in the training programme.

Process of Appointment of Examiner (PDF, 29KB, 3 pages) - a detailed explanation of the appointment process


We particularly welcome applications from individuals who have contributed to at least one RCPCH Question Writing meeting although this is not essential criteria. Direct and regular commitment to supporting trainees and past experience of acting as an OSCE examiner are important criteria as is familiarity with the competencies being assessed within the Level 1 Training Syllabus/Curiculum.

Generic/MRCPCH examiner applicants must have held substantive consultant posts for two or more years before applying. Applications from individuals in locum posts will not be considered.

Generic examiners (MRCPCH and DCH) must be Fellows of the RCPCH before they can examine independently. If you are not yet a Fellow, we recommend you apply for Fellowship as soon as possible and certainly soon after you have attended your initial examiner training session / before you observe and live mark with your mentor at your first exam. Your official appointment as an examiner will only be processed once your Fellowship application is approved. 


For more details please contact the MRCPCH Clinical Exam Coordinator on 0207 092 6126.