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Information for RCPCHStart (Specialty Trainee Assessment of Readiness for Tenure) Assessors, including answers to frequently asked questions and information about the RCPCHStart Board.

More about RCPCHStart

New assessors and training

If you are interested in becoming a RCPCHStart assessor, please email

We do not currently have new dates for assessor training. 


  • Can I apply to be a RCPCHStart assessor? If you would like to become a RCPCHStart assessor, please contact Ultimately you will be required to complete an application form, prior to training. Providing you meet the criteria, you will be invited to attend training at the next available opportunity. Without completing this training, you will not be allowed to undertake the role of an assessor.
  • What are the requirements for becoming an assessor? You must be a consultant, able to demonstrate experience and understanding of the training curriculum for level 3 training, and able to demonstrate experience in the field of education, training and assessment.
  • Do I have to attend training? Yes, you must attend the mandatory training day prior to becoming an assessor and attend future required training sessions.
  • Where will the training take place? Training will most often be held at the RCPCH in London, however we will endeavour to hold a training session outside of London when possible.
  • What can I do to prepare for the training? You will be sent a date or list of dates, and nearer the time an agenda and further instructions.
  • How many days of the live RCPCHStart assessment do I need to attend? Assessors need to assess on both days of the assessment for continuity and quality assurance purposes.
  • What are the selection criteria for a live assessment once I have completed my training? We aim to ensure that all new assessors are selected for the next RCPCHStart assessment after the initial training. Assessors are rotated as regularly as possible in order to ensure that those who have not taken part yet, or only attended one session, get a chance to participate.
    The sub-specialties represented at the assessment are also taken into account, as we often have as many as 14 sub-specialties at any one session and aim to have representation from as many as possible.
    There are 36 assessor spaces, and over 100 trained assessors, so it is not possible to accommodate everyone.
  • Will the College refund my travel/accommodation costs for both the training and the live assessing? Yes, the College will reimburse travel and accommodation costs incurred in relation to the role of assessor. 

START Assessment Board - Chair and Vice Chairs

RCPCHStart Assessment Board (Chair):

     Dr Hannah Baynes

RCPCHStart Assessment Board (Vice Chair General Scenario Development and Quality Assurance):

     Vijay Sharma

RCPCHStart Assessment Board (Vice Chair Assessor Training and Development):

     Tushar Vince

RCPCHStart Assessment Board (Vice Chair Assessment Delivery):

     Srini Babarao