Tax relief

You may be able to claim tax relief in the United Kingdom on fees for the MRCPCH and Diploma of Child Health (DCH) examinations and for training, including START.


You may be able to claim tax relief on fees for the MRCPCH and DCH examinations since 2010.

You will need to send a letter and evidence to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If you are unable to get proof of payment from another source, please contact the Examinations team on - but please note this could take up to one month due to the number of requests.

Please note that responsibility for the accuracy of information provided to HMRC rests with the individual claimant.

Further information from RCPCH Finance team (PDF, 16 KB)

Examinations fees 2010-2014 (PDF, 36 KB)

Template letter to HMRC (MS Word, 21 KB)

Training fees

You may be able to claim tax relief on fees for specialty training. This now includes fees paid for the assessment tool, START. This applies only to those fees paid on or after 10 May 2013.

Our Finance team notes:

S343(1) Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003 allows for the subscription fee paid to RCPCH by trainees to be deductible for the purposes of income tax. HMRC previously took the view that while the part of the fee relating to “subscription” was covered by this concession, the part relating to the START assessment was not. The regulations have now been amended [ITEP Order 2013] to allow that the whole fee, including the proportion relating to START assessment as an allowable deduction from tax.


Please note the College cannot advise you about your personal tax affairs, nor can we provide you with advice or assistance in making claims for tax relief on fees or subscriptions which you have paid, nor are we able to enter into any communication on an individual basis with you on this subject.