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Information for trainees, SAS doctors and consultant paediatricians returning to work after three months or more

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The RCPCH supports the principles outlined in the Academy of Medical Royal College’s Return to Practice Guidance (2017 edition) for trainees, SAS doctors and consultant paediatricians who have had a break from practice of 3 months or more.

The most common reason for a break in practice is usually maternity leave but other reasons such as a career break, travel abroad, illness and personal reasons, may also lead to time away from practice. 

The RCPCH recommends that doctors considering a break from practice or planning to return from a break should use the planning tools in the guidance, with support from their employers, HR and training departments, deaneries, appraisers and supervisors as appropriate. This will include information about the latest mandatory training requirements.

These tools will help ensure a structured approach to return to work and retention or re-acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences.

The guidance and tools are generic. To support discussions with paediatricians, useful paediatric-specific tools and guidance are also signposted below. Further resources and tools are also available from other organisations including paediatric special interest groups.

Doctors returning to work after a period of remediation are advised to refer to specific remediation guidance provided by their employing organisation/deanery on the subject, although the following resources may also benefit doctors going through remediation.

Ensuring doctors are up to date when returning to practice provides reassurance of their adherence to the GMC’s Good Medical Practice.

Please note inclusion of resources and guidance on this page which are not produced by the RCPCH does not automatically denote endorsement by RCPCH.

Guidance for career grade paediatricians

Guidance and tools for paediatricians in training

While these are aimed primarily at paediatric trainees, they may be useful to career grades returning after a break from practice.


General paediatric and subspecialty training curricula, related checklists and assessment standards

Note: Before going out of programme, paediatric trainees should always refer to their Deanery or LETB (Local Education and Training Board) website, sections 6.96 to 6.134 (p40-47) of the Gold Guide 2016 and the RCPCH E&T Support Centre team ( for advice and guidance on Out of Programme, particularly OOPs which take the trainee away from practice e.g. OOPC.


ePortfolio - This is primarily for use by paediatric trainees but can also be used to help monitor and provide feedback on competence acquisition for career grade staff who have not yet CCT’d/entered the specialist register. The ePortfolio encompasses tools to record learning from supervised learning events and workplace based assessments.

Paediatric Prescribing Tool (PPT) - Developed as a rapid response to recent critical incidents of gross prescribing errors affecting children, the PPT is primarily for use with paediatric trainees, but can also be used for career grade staff including SAS doctors, depending on their levels of knowledge and skills when returning to work.

Educational resources of relevance to all paediatricians

Further resources and tools

 Further general links to other resources of interest to paediatricians are available in the further resources section.