Career development and guidance

The way in which paediatricians work is changing and will continue to do so (e.g. Facing the Future and Shape of Training). In the past, career grade paediatricians expected to do virtually the same job throughout their careers - "a career for life" - and indeed moving posts was often frowned upon. This has all changed. 

Changing career landscape

Now paediatricians need to expect to work differently as their career progresses and many now will change posts as their work needs change or circumstances evolve. This changing career landscape means career grade paediatricians need to be aware of how their careers are progressing and be prepared to re-evaluate how they are working at regular intervals. This includes keep the CV up to date and reviewing it at least on a six-monthly basis.

Resident posts

In some areas of practice and in some centres, there is a move towards resident consultant posts especially for those new to the grade or equivalent SAS paediatrician. This may be a short term post of a year or two but gives valuable experience.

Clinical v non clinical roles

The expected age of retirement is advancing and in the future, doctors are likely to contribute to clinical care at greater ages. It is inevitable that fewer doctors will do the same clinical work for the whole of their career after completing initial training. Some will move into roles with greater management responsibility, while others may take on national or Royal College responsibility. For the experienced clinician, many skills will be transferrable to the new roles e.g communication, teamwork, management and leadership whereas others will require focused training.

Careers support and guidance

Support to determine ‘where next’ for your career can be difficult to find.The following sections highlight career options and support for the career grade paediatrician’s career:

Additional information on developing your career (child protection, medical management, research, information) can also be found in the Paediatrician’s Handbook (login is required).