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Mentoring is recognised by the College as a process which can provide valuable support to paediatricians throughout their careers. The Mentoring Champions Network aims to support paediatricians who are keen to promote mentoring within their organisation.

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Role of a Champion

Mentoring Champions are paediatricians who are active within their own organisation or Deanery in promoting mentoring and supporting paediatric mentors and mentees. Champions may have established a mentoring scheme or will intend to initiate the development of mentoring locally.

Typical activities for a RCPCH Mentoring Champion may include:

  • Championing and supporting the engagement of paediatricians locally with the concept of mentoring
  • Developing new mentors by delivering local mentor development/training days and promoting the use of mentoring among paediatricians
  • Engaging with other RCPCH Mentoring Champions to share good practice around mentoring
  • Working with local mentors and mentees to feedback ideas for further mentoring resources to RCPCH

Typical College support for a mentoring champion will include:

  • RCPCH standards for mentoring
  • RCPCH endorsement process for existing schemes
  • Definitions of mentoring, coaching and related activities
  • Opportunities to work with us on RCPCH Mentoring programme projects
  • Mentoring FAQs
  • Mentoring Skills course
  • Mentoring Champions courses
  • Mentoring Champions online discussion forum

More information on joining the Mentoring Champions network

Role description (PDF, 37KB)

Get in touch

If you are already active within your own organisation in promoting and supporting mentoring, and think you have the skills and experience outlined above, or you would like to become involved in developing mentoring capacity among paediatricians in your organisation, we would be delighted to hear from you and welcome you to our network.

Please email outlining your interest, any relevant experience to date and any other relevant skills and experience (as per the above Mentoring Champions role description). 

Mentoring Champions Network Forum

A secure web forum is available especially for Mentoring Champions to share good practice, ask questions and advice of other Champions and the RCPCH Mentoring leads, continue discussions from previous training courses and input on ideas for future work as part of the wider Mentoring Programme.

Only Mentoring Champions, RCPCH Mentoring leads and relevant staff have access to this web forum. This is your chance to discuss topical ideas with other Champions and the RCPCH Mentoring team across the UK.

Your forum is organised into three topics . Each topic has one or more discussions. Each discussion has one or more posts. You can reply to a current discussion with a post or create a new discussion.

To access forum, you will need to sign in to your online account.

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Terms and conditions of use

If you post a message, it will be published immediately. The Education and Professional Development team will moderate the forum. Our RCPCH Mentoring lead will contribute to the forum and respond to relevant queries.

All RCPCH web forum users must abide by our terms and conditions of use. These include community guidelines, restrictions on posts, how we moderate the forums and copyright information.

Web forum terms and conditions  (PDF, 64 KB)

Mentoring Champions Forum user guide (PDF, 1.3 MB)


If you have any questions about using the forum, please contact