Mentoring support

Access to effective mentoring support is likely to become increasingly important in the development of paediatricians. From the early stages of training to 'pause and review' points along the paediatric career pathway, the opportunity to have regular (or intermittent) contact with another person with the appropriate skills and understanding and a willingness to listen and support can make a significant difference.

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Mentoring skills training

Our 2017-18 series of training courses supports the wider Mentoring Programme. Key upcoming dates are:

25 April 2018 - Mentoring Skills Basic 1 day training for prospective mentors - Manchester

27 June 2018 - Mentoring Skills Advanced 1 day training for mentors wishing to build on existing skills - London

These courses are open to Consultants, SAS and trainees.  

Mentoring champions network and training

We run a network for paediatricians (trainees, SAS or consultant) who have developed, are developing or are interested in developing a mentoring scheme locally who would like to network with others doing similar work.

The network of those people championing mentoring locally will be supported by annual training and information days, the mentoring co-leads and RCPCH staff.

Access the Mentoring Champions forum for those already registered to the network.

Standards for mentoring

In late 2013, members were surveyed to establish a baseline understanding of awareness about, and experience of, mentoring. This feedback has helped us to define and develop our mentoring strategy.

 Download 2013 Mentoring Survey Results (PDF, 250KB, 26 pages) Download the latest FAQs - June 2015 

Subsequently, a set of mentoring standards has been developed, consulted on and approved. The RCPCH Mentoring Standards document, which outlines the essential components of high-quality mentoring schemes and training programmes, is likely to be of equal interest to those providing mentoring support and paediatricians seeking it.

Download RCPCH Mentoring Standards (PDF, 110KB, 9 pages)

DDownload RCPCH Mentoring Standards (PDF, 110KB, 9 pages) Download RCPCH Mentoring Standards (PDF, 110KB, 9 pagThe Standards are supported by a definitions document intended to help members navigate the terminology used to describe similar activities and roles.

Download accompanying definitions (PDF, 80KB, 4 pages)


Our standards reflect the Framework of principles for mentoring (2017) developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

We welcome feedback from members on the direction of our mentoring work, as well as about their experience ‘on the ground’.


Endorsement of mentoring schemes

To provide paediatricians with examples of local and national mentoring schemes and training programmes that meet the RCPCH standards for mentoring, RCPCH offers an optional endorsement process for scheme providers. Schemes which meet the standards are advertised below.

RCPCH endorsed schemes

Period of RCPCH endorsement Name of scheme Location Paediatric access only? Trainee or career grade access? Type of scheme e.g. individuals can apply or individuals only.
Linked to deanery/HEE region/ leadership academy 
Scheme website

April 15 - April 18

Paediatric Mentoring Programme (Severn Postgraduate Medical education

HEE Severn region



Individual access, deanery (Paediatric Trainees: ST1 (Mentees) and ST4-8 (Mentors))


April 15 - April 18 

HEKSS Peer Trainee Mentoring Programme

HEE Kent, Surrey and Sussex region 

No - all specialty schools


Individual access, deanery (HEKSS Specialty Schools, Core and run through trainees - CT1 to ST2 (Mentees), Higher trainees - ST3 to ST6 (Mentors))


May 15 - May 18  

NHS North West Mentoring Scheme

HEE North West Region 

 No - all employees in region


Organisational access only, Leadership academy supported (all employees in region are eligible through their organisations to apply to become mentors or mentees)


NHS North West Mentoring Scheme


June15 - June 18

CoachNet coaching scheme 

HEE North East Region

No - medical and non medical employees in region 


Individual access, deanery and Leadership academy supported (HEE, NE and NELA) (Coaches - anyone in region, medical and non medical, open to all but especially supervisors; Coachees - target all trainees with the availabilty of coaching) 


CoachNet coaching scheme 


October 15 - October 18  
RCHT Coaching and Mentoring Programme
Cornwall   No  Both
Individual access, Trust specific.  A multidisciplinary programme across the Trust containing several branches within the one C+M programme including: New Consultant Coaching and Mentoring Programme, New SAS grades Coaching and Mentoring Programme, Divisional/Specialty/ Governance Leads Programme,
Trainees peer coaching and mentoring programme, Team Coaching Programme.
April 17 - April20

Northern Ireland Paediatric Peer Mentorship Scheme 

Northern Ireland No Trainee Individual access, deanery linked (Paediatric Trainees: ST1 (Mentees) and ST4-8 (Mentors)) with training available in Trust and deanery  
November 17 - November 20 East Midlands Paediatric Mentoring Programme East Midlands Yes Trainee and new consultants

Individual access, ST4 (Mentees) and ST7-8 (Mentors). ST7-8 (Mentees) and consultants (Mentors). ST1 (Mentees) and ST4-8 (Mentors) pending


Applications for endorsement

Scheme organisers interested in seeking RCPCH endorsement should in the first instance contact us via

Following this, applications for endorsement can be submitted using the following:

Annual Conference Mentoring workshop

The RCPCH Mentoring team ran a session on mentoring at the Annual Conference 2017 on Wednesday 24 May 11:45 - 13:00. The 2017 Annual Conference mentoring presentation (PDF, 39 pages, 1.1 MB) is also available to view.

RCPCH mentoring lead

Dr Quen Mok, consultant paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital, has been appointed as the new RCPCH Mentoring lead. Dr Mok carries on the excellent work initiated by Dr Alex Brightwell and Dr Sarah Eisen, previous co-leads for mentoring at RCPCH.

For mentoring queries, please contact Dr Mok via

Mentoring FAQs

Useful answers to some of your mentoring questions.

Download the latest FAQs - Feb 2016 (PDF, 1KB, 2 pages).

Contact us

If you have questions about mentoring, or want to let us know what you are doing please email