Non clinical roles

Paediatricians will inevitably develop non clinical competences in a number of areas throughout their career. For some, these may be minor additions to their clinical role whereas for others, these develop into a career choice which takes them away from direct clinical care.

Management and leadership

 The development of leadership competences needs to be an integral part of learning throughout a paediatrician's career. The following section highlights roles and frameworks that can support development in this area.

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Involvement in education is a core expectation of career grade paediatricians to ensure the new generation of paediatricians are supported to develop the knowledge and skills required for their future roles. The following section highlights the range of educational roles that can be parrt of a paediatrician's career. 

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Paediatricians have an essential role in research, though their contributions will vary. Find out about paediatricians' roles in research and relevant information for those interested in developing a research interest.

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